Rhubarb, Guidelines for User Contributions


Our user contribution section, Rhubarb, contains posts written by you - our readers.

On this page you'll find our publishing requirements as well as more information about what to expect from pages that are published within Rhubarb.

Most of the articles in this section contain links back to the sites and services of the original authors. Although we cannot be held responsible for the content found on external websites, we only publish articles from people or organisations that we feel will be of benefit to our readers.

Unlike many websites, we do not use affiliate links - that is links to products or services that, when clicked, will earn the referring site some money. Often, when affiliate links are used, the publishing site is biased towards the highest paying links rather than the best products and services or other helpful resources.

At SkillsYouNeed we believe that the quality of the content is the most important thing.

Want to Contribute?

We invite you to submit your articles, essays and observations about the skills you need. If they're good and meet our requirements, we'll publish them here.

With a global monthly readership of over 2,000,000 (and growing), SkillsYouNeed is a leading online skills development resource.

Contributing an article can help boost your online presence while giving our readers some useful help, advice or ideas.

This is how it works...

Contact us to let us know that you would like to submit something for our consideration, including a proposed title and short outline. We'll provide you with tips and encouragement if needed.

Once submitted we'll review your work and, if all is well, we'll publish it for you here in the Rhubarb section of SkillsYouNeed.

Of course, it's not quite that easy...

We're not just going to publish anything!

Our publishing requirements:


  • All content must provide value to our readers. The content should be about ‘life skills’ and/or ‘life skills development’.
  • All content should be appropriate/relevant to a global audience.
  • Content should be written in an educational style – we will not publish marketing or sales pitches.
  • All content must be original and for the exclusive use of SkillsYouNeed.com. Submitted content will be digitally checked for plagiarism.
  • Articles need to be a minimum of 1,000 words.


  • All articles need a meta title – maximum 40 characters. The title of the article can be longer.
  • All articles need a meta description (to summarise the content) - maximum 155 characters.
  • Usually articles will contain sub-headings.
  • We encourage the use of lists, quotations and ‘information boxes’ to make the finished page more visually appealing.
  • All articles should be well-written.

Links and Biography:

  • User submitted articles will usually include one link back to the user’s site.  All external links must be approved by SkillsYouNeed.com before an article is published. Links must be relevant and link to high quality sites. We do not link to essay writing, pornography, gambling, CBD, cryptocurrency or money-lending websites.
  • You should include a writer biography with more information about you and/or the services you offer. Bio’s are usually not more than 50 words in length and are not included in the word-count of the article.

In Addition:

  • We will proofread and review your submission to ensure it is original, well-written, and provides value to our readers. However, we do not have the time to spend hours correcting poor language or grammar. See our Writing section for some tips.
  • We reserve the right to make any modifications, deletions, or corrections we see fit.
  • Please note that once accepted articles may take up to two weeks to be published.
  • We reserve the right to not publish and to remove previously published articles.

Please be aware that we receive hundreds of enquiries each month and so cannot guarantee to reply to all emails.

Rhubarb, Why Rhubarb?

Our original Rhubarb submission was called 'Philosophy and Rhubarb' written by the late Peter Allison, a philosopher and gentleman. This light-hearted essay is a philosopher's view of language and was the inspiration for the name of this section.