Five Must-Have Skills You Need
to Be a Rocking Digital Marketer

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We are living in an age where digital technology influences most aspects of our lives. Just take a look at how reliant you are on your mobile phone and the internet connectivity to do a whole variety of things!

For e-commerce as well as regular businesses, technology has become essential to promote your brand, products and services, helping to spread the word about them to the maximum number of people for the least amount of money, both domestically and internationally.

In 2020, the number of mobile internet users stood at 4.28 billion, which indicates that more than 90 percent of the global internet population use a mobile device to surf the internet.

Looking at such wide-scale usage and accessibility, it is no wonder then that digital marketing tools reign supreme in today’s extremely competitive business environment.

Businesses have realized that digital marketing is the single most important medium to gain traction amongst their target audience. As a result, the demand for digital marketers is rising and it’s good news for those who have an interest in making a mark in this field.

However it is not easy to be a successful digital marketer, especially when there are so many people trying their hand in this industry. Your employers want results, and if you can’t deliver then they’ll send you packing.

This is not what any digital marketer would like to happen. However, the good news is that by adding some effective skills to your arsenal, you can achieve success and help your organization soar to great heights.

Want to know more about these skills? Read on right till the end of the article.

Five Skills Digital Marketers Cannot Afford to Miss Out On

1. Data Analysis

Data analytics refers to the use of processes, tools, functional techniques, and the latest software to accumulate and process a wide range of data collected from the multiple digital channels on which brands have a presence.

Digital marketers can leverage data analytics tools to better understand customers’ buying behavior and differentiate them accordingly. Simply put, without data analytics, a digital marketer cannot formulate the right marketing strategies to attract the target audience.

Data analysis and data cleansing go hand in hand. As a skilled digital marketer, you need to periodically eliminate wrong, duplicated, or incomplete data on the database to avoid making ineffective marketing decisions.

2. Copywriting

Copywriting is a must-have digital marketing skill today as the number of online marketing channels continue to increase and these all need written content. Copywriting is writing text that is created and published with the aim of promoting a brands product and services, or prompting a particular action from the potential customers.

Copywriting involves writing emails, event invitations, landing pages, social media posts, paid ads, chat bot conversations, and product descriptions. Copywriting is different from blog writing in the sense that you need to capture the reader’s attention, add value, and persuade them to take action within limited space and through a limited number of words. You also need to have versatile writing skills according to the platform and audience that you are writing for.

3. Video Marketing

92% of marketers say that video is a crucial part of their marketing strategy. Are you left out of these savvy marketers? Digital marketing professionals do not need to know video production techniques inside out, but you can always make an easy start by knowing how to create a quick intro video from your laptop.

Engaging, smartly crafted videos can be addictive and connect users’ personal feelings to what they’re watching. Video marketing gives businesses the opportunity to quickly showcase USPs of their product or service while integrating captivating graphics, a spunky voice, and interesting music.

4. SEO and SEM

Both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is vital to digital marketing and any digital marketing professional starting in the field should have a basic practical knowledge of it. However, once you start out, you should invest time and effort in learning the nuances of SEO skills as well as the different tools used to extract insightful data.

Having a deep understanding of trending and evergreen SEO and SEM practices as well as optimizing all types of content is crucial for running a successful digital marketing campaign. Since Google's algorithm is constantly upgrading and the worldwide web is registering a heavy influx of websites each day, a digital marketer should stay up to date with all the latest algorithm updates and other factors that can affect search ranking positions.

5. Content Marketing

Though this skill is placed last in this list, you should see it as probably the most important component of any digital marketing campaign. Content marketing is not a straightforward task, however. You should know how to create high quality, engaging, and SEO-friendly content besides publishing it at the right time across different online platforms.

Content can be of many types, like video content, social media content, emails, web content, blogs, articles, e-books, research guides, whitepapers and much more. You also should have a solid knowledge of social media marketing as well because this is interrelated with the different types of content you will create and post on different social media platforms.


Digital marketing is the in-thing right now. However, it is a highly competitive industry where you should have necessary knowledge and skills so that some of the best businesses can consider hiring you to promote their business on digital platforms.

You should continue to learn new skills and not just rely on a basic skill set to excel in this particular industry. I hope that learning and adding these five skills will help you perform your role as a specialist digital marketer to the best of your ability.

Good luck.

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Nandini Sharma

Nandini Sharma is the Assistant Marketing Manager at ProofHub, Basecamp Alternative. Nandini brings close to a decade of experience in the field, and has successfully executed a number of brand building and marketing campaigns throughout her career. A specialist in the field of marketing, Nandini is well-versed with technical know-how, and always stays on top of the latest trends in the digital world. You will find her constantly putting marketing strategies into motion with perfection. Over the years, she has triumphantly created a wide base of the audience on a number of popular online platforms. When she is not busy penning down out-of-the-box marketing ideas, she can be found channelling her creativity into art and craft activities.