5 Important Life Skills
You Can Develop With Yoga

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Yoga practice is one of the most popular activities that the modern generation takes on. However, yoga is centuries, if not millennia, old. While many yoga classes try to show you how good the daily practice is for your body, it has a deeper meaning. Yoga can help you achieve all of your meditation goals and teach you essential life skills that may turn your world upside down.

So, what does yoga teach you? There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to the question. However, we have some detailed information that will point you in the right direction and change your life for the better. Let’s proceed with some theoretical information that no other source is willing to share, shall we?

What is hot yoga, and why is it good for you?

Before we proceed with inner strength and the other crucial perks that yoga practice can bring into your life, you should be aware that there is a list of physical advantages you can reap at a yoga class, especially if it is Bikram yoga.  Many modern yoga studios advertise Bikram yoga, aka hot yoga. It is incredibly helpful when looking for a safe and balanced way to enhance weight loss.

A hot yoga class is usually practised in a room with temperatures up to 105°F (40°C). This causes increased sweating, and that is where the primary benefits of yoga derive.

Improved flexibility

Any given yoga style ensures that your muscles are properly warmed up during the practice. Thus, your flexibility improves. You don’t have to go to a yoga class for long periods to see its positive effect on your body. Certain poses have proved to increase flexibility in the lower back region, shoulders, and hamstrings. If you take on a regular yoga practice, you can also relieve chronic pain.

Enhanced lung capacity

In case you don’t know, your lung capacity decreases as you age. However, regular yoga classes, especially hot yoga, can increase that capacity through various skilfully chosen breathing techniques. The practice helps you monitor each breath you take, so that enhanced control over your breathing ensures better access to oxygen.

Improved bone mass

Another matter that gradually decreases as you age is your bone mass. However, hot yoga is a restorative yoga type that helps to enhance bone density. This is due to the weight bearing exercises carried out in a heated room, improving respiration, circulation, and perspiration.

Burned calorie spike

You should be aware that during an average yoga class, you can burn up to 420 calories, which is an impressive amount. This approach to yoga ensures that you lose more weight, and that will assist the effectiveness of your weight loss journey, should you decide that you need to take one up.

Decreased depression symptoms

Your physical health is as important as your mental state, and when you practice yoga regularly, you can affect both positively. Hot yoga helps to reduce stress, which can lead to depression.

Regulated glucose levels

The benefits of yoga go beyond simple weight loss and improved circulation. People with type 2 diabetes can take their sugar levels under control through hot yoga as well. This is particularly useful if you are struggling with obesity or trying to avoid the condition at all costs. Still, some physical limitations don’t allow you to participate in other, more challenging activities.

Effective stress management

Hot yoga teaches you how to become more aware of all the stress factors that affect your mental health, along with your physical capabilities. Practising yoga regularly will help you learn new breathing techniques and adopt the ability to use the stillness and heat of the room to unwind and relax.

Impressive heart health boost

You don’t have to take on more challenging poses to put your body at the edge. Due to the increased heat, the hot yoga style ensures that your heart, inner organs, and muscles work twice as hard without you even noticing it. With such a potent metabolic and heart rate boost, you may be able to stop worrying about high blood pressure and other heart conditions since the practice will help you manage them in no time.

Better skin and composition

Such yoga styles as hot yoga make sure you sweat as much as possible, which is a good thing. It has been proven that increased sweating helps circulation and brings more oxygen-rich blood to your dermal cells. Top that with the fact that a regular yoga practice can keep ageing at bay; you may not need to read further to start looking for some yoga classes nearby.

Hot yoga practice tips

Depending on where you stand both physically and mentally at the present moment, you shouldn’t rush head-first into a hot yoga class. You should give it a try before you decide to dedicate your time and attention to it. For what it’s worth, a regular yoga practice won’t be any less effective in terms of meditative and physical results. Yet, if you are set on testing the waters, keep these simple tips in mind:

  • Hydration is the key – your body consists of water (around 60%), so when practising yoga in a hot room, you will dehydrate faster, and having a bottle of water at your side during the session is as important as having one afterward.

  • Listen to your body – you don’t have to continue just because everyone else does. If you can’t manage such challenging poses as the king dancer pose or crane pose, stick to some simpler yoga poses. Any experienced teacher will tell you that downward-facing dog, tree pose, or corpse pose will positively affect your body.

  • Talk to your doctor first – while practising yoga is usually an overall good decision, some health conditions may stand between you and hot yoga. If you have doubts, you should talk to your doctor to be 100% sure that physical activity in a heated room is a good idea.

5 Essential Life Skills to Acquire Through Yoga

Many people all over the globe ask themselves the same question over and over again – Why can’t I meditate? There is a list of practical answers to this question, but let’s not dwell on all of them today. Today, only one of the primary reasons that stand between you and effective meditation will be discussed – the lack of proven information on how helpful yoga can be in real life.

1. Better focus

You may be surprised how challenging it is to focus on a single object instead of dispersing your attention over dozens of thoughts. Yoga is centred around deep breathing. Every breath taken is a primary focal point. As you improve your concentration and focus, you can evaluate the ever-changing experience of your physical and mental representation in the present moment.

As you keep on practising, your focus ability will become ever stronger and, over time, you will notice all the positive changes that it brings into your life. At times, concentration on a single matter is critical, and you will be able to manage the task successfully without thinking twice.

2. Trained patience

Being patient is a gift. However, one isn’t simply born patient. Patience is a skill that requires proper polishing to bloom to its fullest. That is where yoga can help too. By practising yoga poses, you train your patience by focusing on the experience rather than the goal. So, as you keep practising yoga, you learn how to enjoy the process without being immediately gratified by your achievements and accomplishments. As you keep on working on your poses and exercises, you will figure out how to transfer the skill into your real life, no matter the subject you are working on.

3. God-like control

Living a life without impulsive decisions and deeds is boring. However, there are cases when you should be able to control your impulses, but you fail when you need it most. This is yet another area where yoga can help too. When you dive deeper into the practice, you become aware of all your mental or physical patterns. Once you embrace these patterns as an inevitable part of yourself, you will be able to alter and change them according to your needs and preferences. This is how you master the art of self-control. With such a potent skill at hand, you can eliminate bad habits, control your impulses, and weigh all the decisions you need to make without bias.

4. Enhanced mental flexibility

We’ve mentioned that you can practice physical flexibility with nothing more than a yoga mat and a few yoga poses. However, that is not where all the benefits of the practice end. Your mental flexibility defines how well you can adapt to new circumstances or process new information.

Yoga, as a meditation practice, teaches you to process a variety of incoming information. Whether it is a yoga teacher, your body, the rest of the practitioners, or your mind, the constant flow of information is there. Feedback helps you to attune your physical pose or mental state to the current situation. The deeper you dive into the pool of yoga, the more flexible your mind will become. The skill will help you make better decisions, seek new strategies, and absorb knowledge as you progress. In addition, it will become twice as easy to let go of any negatives and emotional trash.

5. Successful stress management

No matter the day of the week, your life is filled with constant stress that pours from every direction, it seems. Your ability to manage stressful situations and events directly impacts your mental health. It is easy to assume that yoga is all about destressing and relaxation. However, every time you try to master another challenging pose, be it a half-moon pose or a plank pose – you put your body and mind under the pressure of mastering it. As you face your fears and mental blocks, you grow and learn how to manage stressful events.

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Final thoughts

There are many angles to yoga. Some of them are already known to you, but some may hit you as a surprise. No matter where you are at the moment, yoga can help you battle any mental blocks, physical challenges, and life situations. All you have to do is to take a step forward toward the practice and give it a try today!

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