Top 10 Video Games That Relieve Stress

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Video games are known to help you get creative and enhance your problem-solving skills, but that’s not all they can do. There are a number of video games available that are specifically targeted towards people who find they often get anxious and are looking for ways to relieve their stress.

I use games to get over my real-life problems and help me to escape this harsh reality, to dive into a more peaceful and beautiful realm. And if you are in the same situation, I have made a list of some of my favorite games that might help you out as well.

So here is my list of the best video games that help me to relieve stress and anxiety!


Starting with one of my personal favorite games, we have Lake, a stunningly beautiful adventure game that puts you in the shoes of a young lady Meredith who has taken a two-week break from her job in a bustling city to visit old 80s Oregon to help her dad deliver mail in the area.

Lake has a bright and cheery environment that gets so much better with an amazing voice acting throughout the game. The town is filled with some super awesome landscapes that are sure to keep you busy as you drive through peacefully quiet alleys or enjoy the magnificent sunset at the beach shore. This game is sure to provide you with peace of mind and soul.


While we are exploring the beauty of the world through the virtual eyes of our characters, I can’t help but mention Eastshade, a unique take on the adventure genre, where you play as an artist painting magnificent scenery that everybody around you seems to deeply love and adore.

Eastshade features a vast open-world filled with breathtaking landscapes that are sure to keep you busy exploring their beauty. This game doesn’t push you to carry out tasks or follow instructions to further the storyline, but it lets you choose your own path, create your own journey, meet people around you, and be admired for your artistic skills!

The Sims 4

This one, I am sure most of you will already know, but I can’t think of a better life simulator where you can literally control each and every aspect of your Sims life. You can create your own Sims, your own virtual avatar, and even your friends, create buildings from small huts to massive penthouses, throw parties for your Sims and so much more.

Sims 4 lets you have full control over the game and the virtual life that you spend in it. This makes for a great experience and gives you days even weeks of enjoyable gameplay experience through breathtaking landscapes that you are never going to forget.


The next game on this list is one of the most innovative games I’ve ever played. Dorfromantic is a tile-puzzle game where you have to build beautiful landscapes from forests to rivers using small blocks to create a whole new world according to your own imagination.

Dorfromantic doesn’t push you into creating the world in a specific pattern, you are free to use your creativity to build gorgeous sites with boats flowing on the river, trains chugging along the rails, and birds flying across the sky. The game rewards for you building a bigger world and new blocks unlocks as your progress along.


Townscapper is yet another unique game that pushes the limit of world-building games in the best way possible. In this game, you have the power to create some of the most beautiful and mesmerizing environments from houses to lakes and pretty much everything in between.

I love the cartoony aesthetics of the game which give off a cool and happy vibe that goes well with the simple yet highly addictive gameplay of the game. Probably one of the best games to play when you want to feel relaxed.

Animal Crossing

Now this one has been proved time and again to be one of the best games to play when you want to escape the harsh realities of the real world and dive into a more peaceful virtual land, where you can do anything from farming to hanging out with friends without getting overwhelmed by the vastness of the world around you.

Animal Crossing is growing series with multiple award-winning entries but definitely try out New Horizons and enjoy your new virtual life with characters, and beautifully crafted world.

GTA 5 Online

Of course, there is no better game that allows so much freedom than GTA 5. You can literally do anything in this game, become whoever you want to be, do whatever you want to do and if doing all that on your own wasn’t enough, GTA 5 online lets you create your own world, your own jobs, or you can just join other crazy RPG game modes and live a virtual life with no rules!

I love the fact how you can just be free to do your jobs, perform heists, fight other factions and earn cash in GTA 5 online to buy and roll out in your very own luxurious rides!

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

Alba: A wildlife adventure is a beautiful story that puts you in the shoes of a little girl who has come to visit her grandparents in a small town. She realizes that nature is in danger and some powerful corporate are trying to destroy it to create buildings.

Alba along with her friends and family tries everything to stop that from happening. She captures the beauty of nature through the lens of her camera to tell the story of mother nature. This is one of the best adventure games with a super meaningful story that you are definitely going to fall in love with.

Civilization 4

Last but definitely not least, we have Civilization 4, an RTS game where you play as an emperor of the state and control everything that happens around your kingdom. You can order to destroy cities, save them or build them up to create some magnificent architecture.

If you are looking to get ultimate control, this game is the best choice for you. Command armies, build bases, fight wars, control the economy and so much more. Nothing happens around your kingdom without your command and that feeling surely relieves all stress.

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