Clever Tips to Improve Your
Video Game Marketing Skills

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Marketing video games requires a lot of work and careful thought. However, for a skilled marketer, this challenge can be a simple and easy feat.

This article outlines simple tips to help you become a better video game marketer. After reading, you can develop the best marketing strategies to drive growth.

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Be a Good Storyteller

Nothing attracts customers better than a good story. This statement is especially true for video game advertisers.

As a marketer, telling a story allows you to communicate ideas in a clear, concise, and consistent manner.

Because video game marketing is a creative platform, a good story can take you a long way. Your campaign has to appeal to your audience to an emotional level. You must engage them in a way that they will be unable to resist.

If you know your audience, telling a compelling story can be an easy feat.

Improve Your Communication Skills

As a marketer, knowing how to talk to customers is a must. Communicating well with your audience shows that you understand their needs. It shows that you can address their issues and have what they are looking for.

You must learn how to communicate and be empathic with how your customers and colleagues feel.

Every marketing campaign involves collaboration. To ensure effective results, you should coordinate your efforts.

With good communication, building a connection with your audience can be more manageable.

You can show them that they are your priority by using customer-centric language. Consider using phrases like the ones below:

"Know the latest updates when and where you want them."

"Get exclusive information to your inbox."

Using these phrases can show that you focus on what your audience wants, not what you can deliver.

Try New Things

One crucial rule to remember in marketing is that there is no single perfect strategy.

You need to change your tactic to match the situation, the type of content, and the audience. You need to adjust your strategy every time something crucial comes up.

Doing so can help you find success in every campaign your team will undertake.

When creating a strategy, consider two critical factors: audience and purpose.

Knowing your audience and their needs allows you to create a more personalized experience. You are building awareness and interest while expanding your reach.

If you know your target audience, you can talk to them in the correct language and focus on their needs.

Additionally, you must also fit your content into the form. When using social media to promote your game, you need the right content to appeal to the right audience.

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram need different content from each other. This is why you must avoid "recycling" posts that you have already used. 

If you are lucky enough to have one successful game, do not rely on the same game marketing strategy. The tactic that worked for that game may not apply to the one you are currently promoting.

Try customizing what you are doing for every single game. Think about the strengths of the game and build around them. Do not use a template and repeat the same strategy again and again.

Be Inclusive

As a video game marketer, gatekeeping your product is counterproductive. It is no longer "cool" to market your game to cater only to a specific gender.

Although males still dominate the gaming industry, female icons are now making leaps and bounds and driving industry growth.

Pokimane and Valkyrae are female streamers who gained popularity by playing games online.

As of writing, Pokimane has roughly 8.5 million followers on Twitch. Meanwhile, Valkyrae has 4 million subscribers on YouTube.

Ikumi Nakamura is also becoming an icon for aspiring video game artists. She is a creative director who worked on popular thriller games, including The Evil Within.

These are only some of the women who are changing the gaming space.

On the consumer side, more and more women are also playing video games today.

According to recent data, women accounted for 45 percent of video game players in the US in 2021.

The figure shows that the gaming industry is changing. As a marketer, you need to get on with the change or fall behind the competition.

Tap the Right Influencer

Having a gaming influencer advertise your product can help expand your audience reach. But, before you reach out to anyone important, you first need to do thorough research.

You need to determine who is relevant to your content. Take a close look at your communication strategies and your product. Doing this can help narrow down your options when looking for an influencer.

Reach out to influencers best suited to talk about your product.

If you have a game designed for young children, choose a family-friendly streamer to work with.

If you are promoting a free online solitaire game, consider working with a gaming micro-influencer. These influencers are those with a following larger than an average person. However, the numbers are usually smaller than that of a celebrity's followers.

Working with a micro-influencer can help you save on advertising costs. You can do this while boosting brand awareness.

Invest in Your Best Channels

One way to improve your marketing skills is by looking for the factor that makes your game unique.

Every game is unique in its own simple way, and they need their own marketing approach. 

This statement highlights why using the same marketing tactic for different games can be ineffective.

You need to find the best platform to promote your game. Look for where the audience of your game is. After doing your research, you can invest time and money to market on relevant platforms.

Focus on Your Target Audience

You can use data analytics tools to find your target audience. You can also use these to focus your content on appealing to them.

After knowing your audience, you can focus on targeting where they are active.

A shotgun approach, which blasts everyone everywhere with ads, can be ineffective. Instead, find a platform where your ads can bring valuable and relevant content.

Take the Time to Create High-Quality Content

The quality of your ads reflects the passion and care you put into your work.

When writing scripts for ads, keep your target audience in mind. Consider your game's unique features and put them in the spotlight.

You can also look at your competitors' ads. Doing research can help you determine what works and what does not.

You can even get inspiration and find new trends along the way.

These are the tips that can help you improve your marketing skills.

The bottom line is to be more innovative in investing your time and money. Focus on the people and strategies that can help you. Do not try everything or reach out to everyone.

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