Soft Skills Required to Succeed
in Social Media Marketing

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Social media platforms have evolved to become some of the biggest pools of potential customers. Additionally, they are the most interactive platforms where content creators can engage with their fans and followers. Some of the highly demanded skills in the social media marketing space include content curation, copywriting skills, graphic design, and ad management. While these skills are valuable, soft skills such as empathy, active listening, and creativity will differentiate you from others.

Soft skills give your social media page a more human look by expressing empathy, concern, and care for your audience, consumers, or followers. This resonates with people making them more emotive when it comes to your content. For instance, musicians or their SM representatives who interact with their fans on social media by being relatable to everyday life events are more likely to gain more followers and experience exponential Spotify growth.

If you want to be an even better social media marketer, here are some of the soft skills you require as a digital marketer:

1. Creativity

Creativity was ranked as the top soft skill in 2019 and 2020. Companies may already have established ways of doings things to complete tasks because it’s considered tradition. However, creativity can offer fresh ideas, new ways to do things, and spark excitement in the workplace. This skill is greatly welcomed by employees, especially in digital media where uniqueness will help you to stand out from the crowd.

In digital media, competition is fierce, and your creative skills will make your content noticeable and different from others. Creativity comes from imagination, so don’t be afraid to look at things differently.

2. Emotional Intelligence

In 2020 this skill was among the top five skills to have when looking for an employee. It is important to know when your emotions and those of your colleagues are heightened and changing. The ability to read, evaluate and react to these emotions will increase your value as an individual and digital marketer. While emotional intelligence can be difficult to develop without experience, the skill can be acquired by learning how to be in tune with your emotions and those of the people around you.

3. Time Management

Time management is a skill that allows social media marketer to balance their responsibilities to achieve weekly or daily goals. A great marketer schedules their life so that everything can be accomplished on time without feeling pressured.

As a social media marketer, something new will always need to be done, and it’s rare for two days to look the same. Effective time management skills ease overwhelming feelings when tackling various tasks and schedules. One can become an effective time manager by learning the best way to prioritize tasks. Make a to-do list of tasks you need to complete and organize them by urgency and deadline.

4. Social Skills

You require solid social skills when you are working as a digital marketer. When you are part of a marketing team, it is imperative that every team member, from the lead generator and content creator to the product designer and marketer, work together to meet goals. Working alone without proper communication with others will lead to poor results for you and your company. In addition, social skills are important in understanding how individuals interact with others to help you create engaging content.

5. Problem-Solving

As a social media marketer, challenges can take many forms. Problem-solving is the skill you will need to address and combat various obstacles that will manifest in your professional and personal life. Digital marketers need to solve problems by planning and thinking on their feet to serve their clients best.

One can finesse this skill by taking note of obstacles in your daily life and focusing on addressing them. The first step is to identify the problem and consider possible solutions, then select the one that seems most appropriate. After identifying the best solution, implement it and see it through to completion. Track it and record the feedback you receive.

6. Adaptability

Many employers are looking for marketers able to stay relevant in the industry by dealing with change positively. This means the ability to adapt and change, even when it means doing away with strong traditional beliefs. Customers’ needs and prospects can change year-over-year, and clinging on onto the same tactics, strategies, and ideas will lead to poor customer service. Have the will to unlearn and learn from your mistakes to meet your customers’ needs.

7. Multitasking

It’s unlikely for social media marketers to work on one project at a time. As a digital marketer, multitasking is common; hence, one should practice building skills in this area. As you multitask, be sure first to prioritize the important tasks that will have the largest impact on your business. Be ready to be judged by the values you add.

8. Critical Thinking

You will need to think critically when you are about to make decisions about your marketing campaigns. Critical thinking is identifying the important and legitimate parts of information as you read, learn or hear things.

Critical thinking is a must skill as a social media marketer since your customers frequently feed you information on creating plans such as media campaigns. When you have been presented with the facts and goals of a certain campaign, you will need to identify elements to be included in posts and how the information will be presented. Develop and master your critical thinking skill by asking yourself questions about the given information and what connections you can make between the data and the targeted audience.

9. Honesty

Honesty is a skill that employers look for when hiring a digital marketer. While no one wants to make mistakes or miss an important deadline, it can happen sometimes. Being honest with your employer after making a mistake will create a sense of trust and build a stronger working relationship.

10. Communication

If you want to be an effective communicator, you must construct and deliver messages in a way that the targeted audience will understand. Effective communication skills as a social media marketer will reflect well on your work and the organization you represent, which can lead to positive repercussions. One can improve communication skills by identifying how their audience reacts to the delivered messages. Taking note of the given feedback is a good indicator of your communication effectiveness.

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