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7 Skills That an Expert in Search Engine Optimization
Brings to the Table

As a business professional, you understand that knowing all there is to know about everything isn’t possible. Your areas of expertise focus primarily on operating a business. When it comes to other functions, you turn to people who excel in those areas. One of those happens to be search engine optimization.

Rather than attempting to muddle through on your own, it makes sense to consult with someone like Michael Zhmudikov, chief SEO strategist at Seologist and see what can be done to kick your online efforts up a notch or two. Here are some of the skills that the right SEO professional will bring to the table.

Refining Why You Want to Create a Powerful Online Presence

The better SEO professionals make it a point to learn more about the goals and desires of their clients. What consumer demographic do you want to reach? Are you opting for primarily local clients, national ones, or maybe even an international reach?

These questions can help refine what you want to accomplish with your online presence. The answers allow the professional to focus on strategies designed to help you reach those stated goals. If any or all of those questions are ones that you never considered in detail before, those responses can also help you with other aspects of the operation too.

Assessing the Elements You Already Have in Place

One of the first tasks that the professional will take on is conducting a full SEO assessment. This is a detailed evaluation of all the elements you current have in place. It includes every feature and detail of the company website, any landing pages you’ve launched, and even posts that are currently found on the company blog.

The goal is to identify what is currently working well for you, what is not accomplishing a lot, and what could be preventing your pages from ranking higher with the major search engines. Armed with that information, it’s easier to create a plan of action designed to build on the positive and get rid of the negative at the same time.

Identifying Ways to Update Your Content

Analyzing content and how well it’s doing in terms of attracting attention is one key element of the assessment. The professional may find that while your images and text are generally in line with today’s search engine standards, they don’t make the best use of popular and relevant keywords. There may be some outdated statistics or other data that needs to be changed. If that’s the case, the professional can identify what needs to be updated and even help find resources that you can use.

With this approach, the goal is to make your pages more attractive to the major search engines. Fresh images and content changes that enhance the value of those pages will translate into higher placement on certain types of searches. Higher rankings mean more readers and potentially more clients.

Explaining the Value of Relevant Keywords and Link Building

Page links can be a powerful way to attract attention from the major search engines. One of the ways to do that is to use keywords that accurately describe what the page content is all about. That’s something many people overlook, but not something that a professional who works with SEO every day would skip.

It could be that tweaking the keywords used in the page links would make a world of difference for your online presence. The spiders used by the search engines may pick up on your pages with greater ease, especially if the links are true indicators of what’s on those pages. This one change could mean a great deal for your traffic and your online reputation.

Making Sure Your Website Looks Great on Any Size Screen

You first launched the website in the days when most people used either desktop computers of laptops to conduct online searches. That’s not the way things roll today. Over the last several years, a growing number of consumers use tablets or smartphones to browse online. That includes looking for goods and services that they want to purchase soon.

Your website still looks good on a desktop or laptop. When it comes to displaying on a smaller screen, the results are not that great. The fact that the pages are harder to read and they load slowly will drive away potential clients.

SEO experts can help clients design mobile sites or apps that do work well on smaller screens. While the professional is at it, he or she can evaluate the loading speed for your primary website. There might be ways to help those pages fulfill, ensuring that people using desktops, laptops, or even smart televisions to visit your site will have a better experience.

Exploring the Use of Video for Business Promotion

Have you tried using video for as part of your online presence? There are a number of ways to do that and expand your reach. The idea is to make sure the content is relevant and captures positive attention. Keeping SEO in mind when you prepare the video name and description will also help.

An expert in SEO can provide some background of what’s working for businesses similar to yours. From there, it’s possible to put a customized spin on the approach and distinguish yourself from the competition. The expert will also have some ideas about where to publish the video and how to advertise it effectively.

Enhancing the Use of Social Media

You have social media accounts for the business. There’s even a few random posts on each of those accounts. Some customers have found you and now follow those accounts. Unfortunately, they’ve mainly been an afterthought rather than a key piece of your SEO planning.

An expert can change that by scheduling posts that vary in type but always provide useful information. Proper use of hashtags can help spread the word and grow the audience. Adding back-links that redirect people to your site will also make the social media accounts more valuable.

An expert from a reputable Vancouver SEO company can do quite a bit to improve your online presence. Call today and ask about a site assessment as well as evaluating other elements that you have in place. Once some of the changes are implemented, you’ll be amazed at the difference they make in your traffic and ultimately your business revenue.

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