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Understand and Improve Your Self-Confidence

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Self esteem and self confidence are subjects that are considered quite delicate or even taboo, especially in the workplace. But you should be able to talk about these issues openly as they may affect you and the way you work. They may see you being demoted or even fired from your job, this is of course if you keep quiet about the problems you are potentially facing.

This insightful infographic by Klearminds looks at astonishing facts about how we perceive ourselves and the steps we can take to prevent them from effecting us.

Did you know, for example, that a staggering 90% of females want to change at least 1 thing about themselves and that a surprising 64% of men are not happy with their appearance?

Read on to find out more about the problems we face and how to face them head on…

Understand and improve your self confidence - What is Seld-Confidence?

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