Can Resume Writing Services
Really Help You Land A Job?

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If you have been applying to job after job and believe that you are well qualified for the positions but aren't having any success, you may begin to wonder if your resume is at fault. Your resume is your one shot at making yourself standout to potential employers. If no one’s giving you interview opportunities, then understandably your resume will be the first thing you want to revisit and see if it can be improved.

In fact, some times it might be worth seeking professional resume help. Resume writing can be really nuanced and complex. Unfortunately, a single mistake or two can see your resume tossed out by hiring managers – which is why it’s become increasingly common for job seekers to get certified resume writers to write their resumes for them.

However, there are both pros and cons to going with a resume writing service. Let’s dive into more detail about whether going with a resume service may be wise choice for you given your unique situation.

Resume services may help you if…

English isn't your first language

You may be highly qualified for the jobs you are applying for, but if your resume doesn't read as though it is written by a native English speaker, you may be passed over. This is really the main concern here. If your English isn't good enough to communicate your qualifications clearly, potential employers may never even know how well-qualified you are as an individual.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is simply to “give it your best shot” with your resume when you know for a fact that you aren’t a native English speaker. If you know that your resume simply isn’t good enough to match the resumes of other candidates applying for the same job if you do it yourself, then this is a tell-tale sign to look for a resume service to help.

You are looking for a raise or a promotion

The higher the pay and the higher the level of responsibility, the more competition there will be for any given job. If you are looking to step up from your current responsibilities into a job that demands and pays more, professional resume services can help you stand out from the crowd and prove your worth. On the other hand, if you are applying for entry-level jobs, an improved resume is unlikely to make a tremendous difference.

You know that writing isn't a skill of yours

You may be very skilled in the area in which you work, but English and writing may never have been your strong suits. If you struggled through writing classes in school and avoid reading and writing whenever possible, your full skillset and credibility as a candidate may not shine through in your writing when you create a resume.

You have revised your resume yourself several times with no success

If you have been applying for some time with no results, even after changing your resume multiple times, it may be a good idea to have someone who is experienced in resume writing look over and improve your resume. At the point that you have already invested a lot of time into looking for a job with no success, it may be time to invest in your resume.

You need to save time

Sometimes you just have too many other things to do when employed to spend hours and hours, or even days, perfecting every word of your resume. If this is the case, it may be better to simply outsource it to a resume company and have them do the work for you – even if you are someone who’s perfectly capable of writing your resume yourself.

It is worth mentioning though, that while it is indeed a time-saver to have someone else do it, you don’t want to pick a resume service with an insanely short turnaround time as it could mean they aren’t putting in their best effort to writing the best possible resume for you.

Resume services may not be a good option for you if…

You are applying to lots of different kinds of jobs

Resumes should be tailored to the job that you are applying for. Remember, employers don't have all day to read through pages of resumes. They are going to look for experience, education, and talent for the job that they need to be done.

Any skills, experience, or education that doesn't relate to their specific needs will be overlooked and can get in the way of the important information. If you are applying to lots of different jobs, you would need to have resumes tailored for each one. This will get very expensive if using professional resume services. It may be best to write your own resumes when applying to many very different jobs.

You are just beginning your job hunt

It is best to give a resume you create yourself a chance before going to a professional. Unless you are absolutely in need of finding a job rapidly, you should try using your own resume and see what kind of results and responses you get. Even if you don't land a job with your resume, responses may help you tailor your resume more appropriately when you do use a professional resume writer.

You are a skilled writer

Don't assume that just because your writing experience is not in the field of technical writing, business writing, or resume writing, you will not be able to write an excellent resume. Lots of professional resume writers have no special training in writing resumes. If you have always done well in your English classes and can put your thoughts into words with no trouble, you should write your own resume and let your personality shine.

Tips for choosing resume services

  1. Don't choose the cheapest or the fastest option. You want someone with meaningful skills to dedicate some time and effort into crafting the perfect resume for you, so be ready to spend some time and money producing a high-quality resume.
  2. Be part of the process. Choose a resume service that asks for extensive information from you and offers collaboration with the writer by phone or email
  3. Demand as many drafts as it takes. Make sure that the resume creator that you choose will keep making edits until you are completely happy with your resume.

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