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How to Tell That It’s Time
to Replace Your Home’s Aging Windows

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Windows are one of the features of the home that most people take for granted until they finally notice things could be better. You may be nearing that point. Perhaps you’ve noticed some issue with the windows and wonder if repairs would be enough. While you need a contractor to know for sure, there’s a good chance that you would come out ahead by arranging to have new DraftLock windows installed.

If any of the following applies to your windows, it’s time to make a change.

The Windows Were There When You Bought the Place

You’ve never replaced the windows since buying the house way back when. In fact, it’s a safe bet that the previous owner never gave the windows a second thought. In other words, you have windows that are several decades old.

The age is not so much the problem as the quality of what you have in place. Standards for glass and other features have changed quite a bit from the time those windows were installed. They don’t have what it takes to provide you with optimum performance even if they are still in generally good condition. If you really want to get the most from the windows, dumping the old ones and investing in windows that meet current standards is the only way to go.

They Need Painting – Again

You’ve lost count of how many rounds of painting you’ve performed on those windows. It’s not only applying a fresh coat of paint. There’s the sanding to get rid of all the chips followed by using some sort of primer to create a smooth surface. It’s only then that you get to the actual painting. While it wasn’t that bad in years past, you’re getting a little old to handle this job.

Now is a great time to dispense with the painting by purchasing new windows. Opt for vinyl that has the color throughout the material and happens to be fade-resistant. Other than cleaning the windows from time to time, you’ll never have to worry about other cosmetic work again.

There’s a Slight Draft

You’re not sure when it began, but there’s definitely a draft if you happen to be standing or sitting close to several of the windows. The draft is even more pronounced on days that are windy, unusually hot, or very cold. Since your favorite chair happens to be near a window, it’s unfortunate that you have to keep some sort of throw or wrap handy if there’s a slight chill in the outdoor air.

There’s no reason why you have to be uncomfortable in your own home. If you get rid of those drafty windows, it will be easier to sit in that chair and enjoy yourself. As a bonus, no drafts also provides you with more control over the indoor temperature. That means the HVAC system will like run less often and cut your energy costs.

The Sashes Stick

Even with a draft, the sashes take quite a bit of effort to raise and lower. There are days when you would love to let a breeze into the house, but fighting with the windows is too much effort.  Instead, you make do and wait for a day when you feel up to the struggle.

You should be able to let fresh air into the house any time you want without running the risk of developing a hernia. New windows that operate with ease is the answer. Once they are in place, you can let in as much or as little fresh air as you like.

Or They Won’t Stay Open

Maybe opening a window isn’t the problem. The fact that the sashes won’t remain open is what’s causing grief. You raise a sash and it comes crashing down a few minutes later. Along with jangling your nerves, that’s a good way to break the glass.

By replacing the old windows, you can once again open a sash and be confident that will stay open until you decide to close it. Open it a little or a lot and it still stays in place. That’s as it should be.

Little to No Noise Filtration

Windows that are 30 or more years old likely contain glass that doesn’t meet today’s standards. One of the downsides of that is the glass probably doesn’t block much in the way of outside noise. That’s not a big deal if you live in a rural area, but it can be maddening if you happen to live along a busy street.

Today’s windows come with double or triple pane glass that aids in noise filtration. Along with enhanced protection from the heat and cold, the glass blocks more noise from outside. That makes it easier to enjoy some peace and quiet when you’re home. You’re also likely to sleep better since there’s less noise to wake you in the middle of the night.

Some of the Wood is Rotting

Have you noticed that certain sections of the wooden windows are a little brittle or seem to be getting soft? Those are signs that some amount of wood rot is occurring. While you might try replacing those sections, the cost can be prohibitive. If the damage is extensive, investing in new windows could cost less than the repairs.

Another point to consider has to do with security. Weakened windows won’t do much to keep intruders out. When you invest in new windows, it’s possible to select materials that are difficult to breach. Since it will take significant effort and a lot of noise to get through the framework or the glass, there’s a better chance of the authorities showing up before the intruder can get into the house.

You Never Liked the Windows in the First Place

Admit it: you never liked the window design. All these years, you’ve made do because the windows did work properly. Since that’s no longer the case, why continue to live with something that you don’t care for?

A contractor can help you compare different window designs and settle on one that you like and that happens to work well with the home design. You’ll be a lot happier once those new windows are in place.

Why wait another minute? Call a contractor, schedule an inspection, and ask for more information about DraftLock house windows. After you see what the contractor has to offer, deciding to replace those old windows will be a snap.

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