The Unexpected Benefits of a Press Release
for Your Website

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Press releases are quite a well-known way for websites and other businesses to generate immediate exposure for their products or services. Issuing a press release to the media can be an affordable and effective method to promote your business and convey your message to your target audience.

However, be aware that many others business will be doing the same and so there are a lot of press releases out there in the marketplace. How, therefore, can you ensure that your press release gets noticed?

In this article, we explore the advantages of hiring a good press release distribution service and why it so vital to consider distribution if you want your website to reach a wider audience. We examine some of the best press release distribution services and how to go about picking one that fits with your niche and goals.

What are the benefits of a press release for your website?

Some benefits of distributing a press release for your business that you might not have considered include:

  • Affordable cost
  • Immediate exposure to an established audience
  • Increased traffic to your website
  • Potential sales increase
  • Major SEO benefits
  • Builds a working relationship with a PR firm
  • Provides authenticity to your brand
  • Helps you establish a new marketing channel

Affordable Cost

As the owner of a new business, you need to keep a check on your advertising and marketing costs. One of the best things about press releases is that they are highly effective as well as quite affordable. The cost of creating and releasing a press release is very reasonable when compared to other forms of traditional paid advertising.

Immediate Exposure to an Established Audience

Press releases are a good way to get instant exposure for your website or business from another website, which already has an established audience of organic followers and loyal readers.

As a new website or business, it is vital to immediately hit the ground running and to gain some initial push for your product and website.

Press releases are effective in helping you gain that initial boost in awareness for your website or brand so that people get to know about you and what you are offering them right from the start.

Potential Sales Increase

If you want to increase your sales potential, then a press release is a great method to go for. A press release allows you to highlight your product or service's main features, and all its advantages, within the release itself.

Every time you plan to announce the launch of any new products or new promotions, it is essential to create a press release about the event so that you create a buzz. This can be a good way to generate more sales, which generally are more than enough to cover the costs of the press release creation and distribution.

Press releases can also be an effective way to reach new audiences, or buyers in different marketplaces, who you might not have been able to reach before through your previous marketing strategies.

Builds a Working Relationship with PR Firm

Although you will have to pay to have a press release created and distributed, it creates a strong working relationship with your chosen PR firm. Suppose your first press release works well and achieves its aims of increasing hits to your website and generating sales.  The PR firm is then likely to offer you a discount next time as they know you can work well together.

A discount from a PR firm will help you get more value from your marketing spend, and it can be negotiated once you have established a good working relationship with a PR firm. Research will help you identify the PR firms with a relevant audience for your campaign, and it is then very important to create a strong working relationship with a well-reputed PR firm who will help you to develop your website or brand.

Major SEO Benefits

Press releases also serve as a valuable way of enhancing the SEO profile of your website. Whenever you get a press release from any media publication, the audience will usually connect back to your website or product page. This will establish powerful backlinks to your website, which are extremely beneficial for SEO.

Improving your SEO will gradually boost the organic visibility of your website in all the search engines and help to generate more organic traffic. So, it is therefore vital to optimize your website content for SEO so that you maximize the effectiveness of your press release.

Provides Authenticity for Your Brand

One of the major advantages to creating a press release is that it provides authenticity and credibility for your website as we know that the name of your website or brand is directly associated with any media publication that is willing to create an awareness of your brand and increases the recognition and authenticity of your service or product.

Those websites or businesses that frequently use press releases tend to get more loyal and organic followers and customers. Your brand's reputation will also increase as press releases work to build trust between customers and the brand.

Helps You Establish a New Marketing Channel

Press releases are the best way for your website or business to create a completely new marketing channel to add to its existing marketing mix. To create a balanced marketing strategy, it is vital that brands or businesses test out different methods to find out which method really works well for their particular product or service.

Press releases also help you in getting media coverage that otherwise is not really possible to get through other paid traditional marketing and advertising methods, and should be used in addition to the marketing plans and strategies that you already have in place.

It is also vital that you know your marketplace and have undertaken an analysis of your competitors, so you do not jump in with a PR firm or publication that already features a number of similar products or services.

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