26 Best Press Release Distribution Services
Essential for All Businesses

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In this tech-savvy world, maintaining a digital presence is essential for all businesses. Regardless of the industry you are in, or how big or small your company is, you can get plenty of benefits from using a press release distribution service.

If you have good news or stories to tell, you won’t be able to raise your profile and get good publicity unless you tell your story to others.

The best press release distribution services use a strong press release distribution strategy to let customers know who you are, why you are the best, and what you do. Within no time, you can start to gain the attention of journalists and win their trust. All this translates to more media coverage, better credibility, and increased online visibility.

Furthermore, a skilled distribution team will optimize your press releases and syndicate them on the right platform at the right time. This will help your brand gain the positive reputation it deserves and get better rankings on search engine results pages.

The Importance of a Press Release Distribution Service

Businesses put a lot of effort into making their business the best they can be. They will have to engage in effective communication, marketing, and sales activities to maximize revenue and ensure viability.

One important activity that can contribute to a better brand image, awareness, and reputation is press release distribution. However, for a press release to achieve its target, all processes, including creation, and distribution, should be managed carefully.

However, managing the press release distribution process on your own can complicate things. You may even end up wasting money. When you partner with a press release distribution service, professionals will help you manage writing, distribution, and reporting at cost-effective prices.

The end result is that your news is spread across a wide variety of networks and this drives more online users to read and share your news, raising awareness of your brand. This will result in more leads and sales, and help you stay ahead of your competitors.

Let's take a detailed look at the best press release distribution services.

TOP 3 Best Press Release Distribution Services Compared

There are many free and paid press release distribution sites on the internet. However, not every PR Company is created equal.

Our Top 3 Picks


Sitetrail - Rating 10


Linking News - Rating 10


Globe Newswire - Rating 9.7

Sitetrail Linking News Globe Newswire

Best for:

  • Authentic editorial news in top-tier news sites
  • Increased trust and SEO performance
  • Affordable unlimited news distribution

Best for:

  • 100% White label press release distribution
  • Guaranteed placement on top-tier media sites
  • Small-business friendly pricing

Best for:

  • Multi-language distribution
  • Rich media snippets
  • Tailored release feeds

TOP 27 Best Press Release Distribution Services Compared

1. Sitetrail Press Release Platform

Sitetrail has one of the largest most influential media lists in the world. It has changed how companies do press releases. The core of its philosophy is that the public does not trust content that is labeled as a “press release” or “sponsored”. This is where it is different from any other newswire service.

Whereas most PR wires on this list simply create duplicate content with NO-Follow links which are not helpful for SEO and search discovery, Sitetrail did the hard and solved a big industry challenge. The company introduced a more authentic solution which includes genuine editorial news coverage that readers trust. This ultimately converts better and produces long lasting benefits for SEO.

Today, hundreds of chief marketing officers, PR agencies, SEO practitioners, advertising agencies and web design agencies use this platform to promote clients and their own businesses through the various channels that are available for different budgets.


Unlimited Access Pass:

Unlimited access to a core group of Google News sites for a small monthly fee is a popular starter option for agencies to serve their entire client base. In-house marketers and compliance departments also use this for 24/7 access to instant Google News publication.

Various price points:

This is the one platform where users can either reach medium-sized news sites at a low cost, or top-tier media at a premium price. It is thus important to have expectations in line with the package you choose when using this platform.

Social proof from top influencers:

According to numerous impartial sources on the web, the company has landed them in top-tier publications such as Entrepreneur, Engadget, Forbes, MarketWatch, Bloomberg and Business Insider. Much of this is not via a duplicate wire service, but through direct editorial approval.

Get your own author profiles:

It can also arrange author profiles with credible media outlets that allow influencers to appear in the newsfeed of sites subject experts.

Writing and Distribution:

Write your own news or let their journalists write SEO optimized content and simply work with them to approve it. It is even possible to take a weekly service where a journalist will write about your business every week.

U.S, European and Global Reach:

With team members around the world and longstanding media connections, this platform helps users dominate the news headlines in most parts of the world including the U.S. and EU.

2. Linking News

Not a PR expert but want to get a boosted brand image without much effort? Look no further than Linking News. It is the best professional solution for businesses,  SEO, marketing, or PR agencies. 

The savvy editorial team plans press release activities carefully. They make sure that your press release is captivating enough to be shared through many platforms. 

Many businesses and digital marketing agencies are using their press release distribution services to become a trustworthy name on the market. Furthermore, Linking News offers you the ability to publish your press releases with a 100% White Label service. Publishing your press release without a third-party name proves really beneficial for your business.


100% White Label Press Release Distribution 

Being the #1 white label press release distribution service, Linking News always cares and respects the privacy of clients. They never let your competitors know with whom you have worked for publishing and distributing your press release. Linking News publishes your press releases without their brand name mentioned in your press release. Furthermore, they never publish your press release on their official site.

Guaranteed Placement on Top Tier Media Websites

Another reason why Linking News is one of the best press release distribution services is that the company has powerful connections with top-notch media publications such as ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, Bloomberg, Yahoo, MarketWatch, Associated Press, etc. Linking News also guarantees your press release will be featured on top-tier news and media sites.

Strong Distribution Network

A start-up brand will no longer need to work much harder to reach a wide audience base. As one of the best press release distribution services, Linking News' team does all the work for them. The skilled team publishes and syndicates the news and articles on different media outlets and helps you get a wide exposure.

Search Engine Optimization 

Press release copy fine-tuned by the experts helps you to appear in online searches fast. They follow a solid SEO strategy and include the targeted keywords in the releases so that you get the brand coverage you deserve. 

They also ensure that the release is written according to the best practices (length, tone, links, and style) and reaches a maximum audience. This will ultimately boost website traffic and brand recognition.

Reasonable Pricing

What’s good with the platform is that regardless of the size of the business, they have a perfect plan that suits everyone's budget.

3. Globe Newswire

Want to distribute press releases on a large scale? Globe Newswire is the ultimate platform for you. It is one of the largest newswire distribution networks across the globe. It offers services such as sending multimedia content and PR financial disclosures to the media, communities, investors, and the public.

Globe Newswire delivers the best press release distribution service to businesses and companies of all types and sizes with a massive focus in Europe and North America. 

The skilled team sends your news to the influencers, investors, media, and consumer stakeholders via the world’s largest media networks and newswires. 


News Distribution in Multiple Languages

The PR Company helps business tycoons to distribute their stories in any language.

Excellent PR Distribution

Their PR distribution services include European distribution, Canadian distribution, US distribution, and International distribution. The Company also has good connections with NASDAQ and European Newswires that help businesses get powerful contacts.

Rich Media Snippets

Media snippets feature is also available that lets users embed beautiful infographics, image carousels, videos, audios, and even live-streaming events directly into the PR. 

Reports Available

Post-release distribution reports allow businesses to measure the ROI and get dive into important insights.

4. BusinessWire

Business Wire (Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary) is a PR company based in the USA. It has been around for many years. It let users reach digital, print, and broadcast newsrooms, reporters, editors, consumers, financial and news portals, news websites, bloggers, social media networks, and more via their patented news network.

The skilled team delivers releases to a wide network of news outlets, including Dow Jones, Thomson Reuters, AFP, Bloomberg, and others.  

The PR Company also offers comprehensive analytics reports that provide you direct links to the releases on top online news sites, audience measurement data, social media submissions statistics, and other data. Business Wire is a great, trusted source for media outlets, journalists, investment experts, and regulatory authorities.


Distribution to Print and Online Media 

The PR Company offers distribution to famous industry leaders of your choice in 200+ countries. Although it's a costly option, their best press release distribution services are perfect for small and mid-size companies that want to get the most reach.

Has 18 Newsrooms Across the Globe

The company has 18 Newsrooms worldwide and also has a patented NX network. This allows your business press releases to grab a lot of attention from a broad audience.

PR Distribution in 20+ Languages

The skilled PR team handles Business Wire services. They distribute press releases in more than 20 languages, and this offers small businesses a great diversity.

GMSM Support

The savvy team also amplifies the releases with the GMSM feature to broaden their reach, boost presentation, and shareability while offering advanced analytics.

Free Social Media Sharing Links and Addition of Company Logo

These features are available in their best press release distribution services to boost your branding efforts.

5. PR Web

PR Web is the best press release service for those that want significant online exposure. It is best for start-up companies because they have plenty of online resources in their wide distribution network, and also they offer a professional review of their releases before distribution.

They distribute press releases to 30,000 plus journalists, bloggers, and news sites like the New York Times, USA Today, and other popular news outlets via the Associated Press. The skilled team also syndicates your stories to a huge number of journalists, subscribers, and bloggers in the network.

Using their best press release distribution services, you get up-to-date about the sending and receiving of releases. PR Web charges $300 for their service.


Allow Multimedia Attachments and SEO Tagging

PR Web Company also offers copywriting services and the option of adding a free photo with its release and free video with its premium package. Users also get SEO tagging in their service.

Unlimited Word Count

There is no word limit for press releases.

Easy-to-Use Platform

PR Web website is simple to use. The skilled team also helps you in every step for the successful completion of releases.

6. PR Newswire

Want to distribute your release to a specific local news website or state? PR Newswire is the perfect platform. It is the oldest and largest PR distribution service owned by Cision.

Based in Maryland, USA, it has an extensive database of media contacts that places your story in a broad audience both locally and nationally. Moreover, it is simple to set up an account and get started.


Geographic and Regional Targeting

Its geographic targeting feature allows you to access the media in a particular city or state. This makes the PR Company suitable for businesses that want to get huge awareness and exposure in a specific city.

Their distribution services also include regional targeting. This allows your news to send to up to 13 states per region rather than just one. Furthermore, their national distribution plan includes sending releases to 4, 500+ news sites, newsrooms, and blogs throughout the U.S.A.

Offers Media Studio

It is a multimedia management tool that makes brand assets accessible anywhere and anytime.

Access to Editorial Services

You get access to editorial services in every plan.

Visibility Reports

PR Newswire also sends visibility reports to the users so that they know how well the release performed.

7. 24-7 Press Release

24-7 Press Release is a great press release distribution service on the internet. Founded in 2004, it offers the distribution of releases across every country in all sectors, media outlets, and famous newspapers throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Canada.

This PR service Company provides four different options for release distribution. This online news hub helps clients by disseminating their releases to online media, bloggers, print media, and journalists while also making them available for pickup by search engines.

This best press release service is ideal for businesses and marketing agencies of every size that want to boost their visibility, awareness, and presence.


Wide Distribution Network 

Their strong network includes 30,000 members at famous newspapers in the country, as well as Associated Press and PR Newswire. Also, the team shares your newsworthy content across multiple channels, including traditional news sites and blogs.

With just $69, the skilled team distributes your newsworthy content to nearly 50 media outlets and search engines.

Free Trial Offer

Their free press release distribution services are perfect for small businesses to reap the perks without signing up.


Translation from one language to another is also possible.


This feature is also available for those users that want to target their PR in a specific region.

Detailed Reporting

They also offer in-depth reports after release gets distributed so that you can track how many impressions, online pickup, and other details.

8. PRLog

PRLog is a free PR distribution service and submission service for small, medium, and large-sized businesses. Whether you want to target journalists or boost search engine ranking, the company offers distribution packages that meet everyone’s needs. Also, every customer gets its own online press room.

The skilled team also includes HTML links in the press release body. The distribution price ranges from $0 - $359/press release. The skilled team ensures that your press release appears on Google News and other major search engines apart from prominent news websites.


Free Distribution

The PR Company offers free-of-cost distribution by hosting releases on their website. Also, the savvy editorial team approves all the press releases instantly.

Search Engine Indexing

Skilled team index distributed releases in major search engines. If you are a premium member at PRlog, you get more advanced coverage. You can even add your company logos and pictures apart from SEO capabilities.

Offsite Sharing

PRLog also allows offsite sharing that includes automatic posting social media sharing. Releases get included in nearly 40,000 Javascript feeds, RSS feeds, and HTML feeds.

Completely Accessible Database 

Their database allows users to sort press releases by date, geographic region, classification, and industry type.

9. PR.com

PR.com is an online platform that offers free press release submission and distribution to Google News, Yahoo News, Excite News, MSN News, and much more. This best press release distribution services provider also offers services such as job search, reviews, and celebrity interviews.

Their package also includes professional editorial review, which is great for small businesses.


Free Information 

Since all the information on the website and access to a comprehensive database is free, thus it is great for start-up companies and small businesses looking for targeted distribution fast and at a low cost.

Huge Directory

PR.com’s extensive directory allows businesses to promote their brand hassle-free. They can add the business logo and branding information.

Does Not Require Any Registration 

Users can use search tools and browse the business directory to find company as per their business needs without signing up.

Targeted Distribution

The team also distributes releases by the industry or region for better brand reach.

10. PRWire Pro

Want to boost your overall organic SEO rankings? PRWirepro.com is a great choice. It is one of the most well-known and best press release distribution services on the internet. Countless online businesses use PRWire Pro to spread good words about their business.

When you submit your releases, the skilled team distributes them to more than 250 major news sites and index them on major search engines. Their major media outlets include ABC, FOX CBC, NBC, and hundreds of others. The press releases will also be distributed to diverse Twitter and Facebook feeds to get excellent social media distribution and reach.

Their distribution plans are on the website; you can choose which distribution options to use for your business. Press release distribution starts at $99 for each issued press release. Moreover, every membership option also includes free release templates.


Newsroom Access 

Full newsroom access allows members to publish their press releases anytime they like after successful sign-up.

Plugin Allows Submission of Unlimited Releases for Free

The bonus part is that users can submit their releases via the website or download the WordPress plugin. The plugin allows you to submit press releases for free of cost.

Complete Reports

The PR Company also offers full reports on the same day of distribution that help the customers find out which media outlets have received the release, links to every site that posted the press release and other details.

All Basic Features Available

Free press release templates, scheduling, and press release writing service available in all membership options

11. eReleases

Looking for the best way to advertise your business and stay on the top of search engines? Then eReleases is the perfect option. Its PR service includes distribution through the PR Newswire network, The Associated Press, and its own network of reputed news sites and journalists.

Their best press release distribution services are suitable for small as well as medium businesses that require industry-targeted distribution. This press release distribution Company also offers the best distribution for the price. 

Furthermore, it has the best track record of generating interest among journalists that leads to great stories and mentions in articles along with impressive media coverage. Their press release distribution plans begin from $299.


Huge Distribution Network

The PR Company offers distribution to 4,200 outlets and 100,000+ journalists that offer guaranteed reach. With a 1.7 million-contact media database, the skilled team offers distribution to print, TV, radio, and digital media.

Multimedia Attachment Available

Their all pricing plans offer 5,000+ syndication media sites, multimedia attachment, and next-day distribution.

Support Hyper-Targeting

The PR Company also has a hyper-targeting feature that allows users to connect with industry-specific bloggers, press reporters, and trade magazines in no time and get fast reach.

12. WireWatch

WireWatch is also another PR platform that renders the best press release services to the customers. Another excellent feature is that it also allows users to get a report within hours of the press release submission.


Releases Go Live Instantly

WireWatch™ offers you the instant glee of seeing your press release go live. 

13. iCrowdNewswire

Reach the right people at the right time using this premier press release distribution service. iCrowdNewswire (iCN) provides state-of-the-art advertising solutions that aim to re-invent how news is distributed and consumed, and so far, it’s doing a pretty good job.

iCN was founded in 2015 by a team of former senior executives of renowned newswires. iCN combines traditional press release distribution with the latest technology to deliver all-inclusive solutions matched by none other in the market.

If you are looking for a surefire way to stand out from your competition with effective and affordable distribution and marketing, iCN is your answer.


Extensive Distribution Capabilities

With iCN, you get to choose out of 11 million niche-specific websites for placement, an additional 375+ sites for distribution, and increase your exposure through social media marketing on key social media platforms.

Translations into 9 Languages

iCN translates press releases into Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, and French, along with English.

Reporting and Analytics

This PR company’s distribution reports give you auditable figures to monitor all aspects of your press release campaign and measure your ROI actively.

Demographic and Geographic Targeting

Precise targeting allows customers of iCN to target their desired audience down to zip codes, industries, and interests.

Flat-Pricing Model

There are no limits on word count, multimedia attachments, or links. The PR company does not require membership fees either.

14. Newswire

Newswire is the best press release distribution service based in New York, USA. It stands out for those companies looking for easy and quick PR submissions, great exposure, and incredible customer service.

The PR company offers a wide range of PR services at reasonable prices. It includes wire distribution, media outreach, media monitoring, media database, newsroom, and PR Strategy. Brands can choose from its broad distribution packages - single, monthly, and annual plans as per their needs.

Newswire also features a free demo on their site so you newbies get an idea of how the press release distribution process works. Furthermore, users can embed multimedia in the press release for free. There are also no top-up membership charges to use the platform.


Easy to Use

It is simple to use the platform because there is always someone who is ready to assist

Multimedia Inclusion Available

This PR distribution platform offers the inclusion of multimedia in the releases for free and analytics in every distribution plan.

Fast Turnaround Time

The site provides the fastest turnaround time, unlike other press release distribution services in the market. 

Two-tier Editing Available

In the basic plan, you will get two-tier editing by both an editor and senior editor.


This feature is excellent for the business owners and PR agencies looking to target a specific region.

15. WireAccess

WireAccess is one of the great PR platforms that render the best release distribution service to businesses of all sizes. Their starting price is $99 for press release distribution. Press release distribution includes distribution to 250+ major news sites, including CBS, ABC, FOX, and more. 


Multimedia Support

They provide support for video releases, pictures, and links in the releases.

Unlimited Word Count

No word limit makes it easy for businesses to submit their new releases in bulk.

16. Send2Press

Send2Press is another popular PR company that has been offering targeted PR Distribution & Professional PR Writing Services since 1983. Accredited and highly knowledgeable PR team sends compelling and newsworthy releases to top-notch media sites.

A full national plan to help you send your strives to more than 6,000+ media outlets is just $199 with no membership fees. When you choose Send2Press's skilled staff, they make your message stand out.


Unlimited Access to the Famous News Outlets and Networks

Send2press does not request any charges before you can use their service. They also offer unlimited access to the biggest outlets and networks to small business owners having a tight budget. There are more than 6,500 print and digital news sites available for the broad distribution.

Free Social Media Campaigns, Proofreading and Multimedia Embedding in Every Plan

The PR Company offers all the three services in all their packages. The expert team shares the news release on social media and makes sure hashtags are included.

Engagement Analytics

Along with 24*7 distribution, the platform also offers analytics support to track engagement on TV, print, radio, and digital distribution.

17. PR Leap

Are you looking for the best press release distribution services under one roof? PRLeap is the right choice. The platform makes it simple for you to package your story, make it search-engine friendly, and spread it on social media, 100+ financial outlets, radio and television stations, and news sites for getting the word out.

Founded in 2003, more than 30,000 companies have used their PR services. The savvy team personally reviews each press release and offers feedback. The bonus part is that if you have more than five press releases per month, the PR Company offers special pricing. 


PR Tracking and Reports

PRLeap also tracks the progress of each published PR via analytical tools so that the customers can measure their outcome. Furthermore, the company sends the downloadable reports within 24 hours.

Social Media Support

They also take additional steps to integrate the social media plugins to drive people to engage with the posted press releases.

Can Add Up to 5 Multimedia

The platform allows users to add up to five pictures and videos in their releases to make it more appealing.

18. WebWire

Created in 1995, WebWire is an online platform based in Atlanta, Georgia. 

The savvy team also assures that releases are indexed by aggregators like Google News, Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Their starting price is $34.95 per submission.


Services Powered by PR Newswire

The company syndicates news and press releases to the targeted media and media only wire services powered by PR Newswire.

Multimedia Inclusion

The basic plan for the best press release distribution services offers free placement of video, graphics, photos, anchor links, and tags.

Social Media Integration and RSS Feed

RSS feed and social media integration, including Facebook and Twitter, are available.

19. PR Underground

PR Underground is another best online press release distribution service founded in 2009. This US-based Company publishes the announcements and releases of an organization to 350+ syndicated news sites and social media sites for $49.99 per release. Their services also include web reach, SEO optimization, and other


Syndication in 350+ Media Sites

At $129, PR Underground assures press release distribution in 375 media sites like ABC, FOX, NBC, etc. 

Inclusive Package

If you are looking for the PR platform with SEO, Social Media optimization, and PR services under one roof, PR Underground is the perfect platform for you.

Multimedia Support

Images, videos, and other media support available.

20. PR Distribution

PR Distribution™ is a US-based news release distribution company perfect for small businesses looking for investment opportunities and brand expansion on a national and regional scale.

This press release writing and distribution provider publishes your press release on a plethora of premium national media sites to help you reach a huge audience.


Offers Industry-Specific Targeting

This service distribution agency can select up to five industries to target, including national and regional industries. Besides this, PR Distribution™ allows for industry-specific targeting, even for the basic package.

Small-Business Friendly Plan Pricing

This PR platform is appropriate for small businesses hunting for an affordable way to publish a press release.

Social Media Distribution

This distribution became expanded with the new plans, and now the company offers a more comprehensive array of options. It also includes social media distribution for all press releases.

Multimedia Embedding

Multimedia embedding that includes videos, unlimited word count, and free analytics is also available.

21. Easy Newswire

Easy Newswire is another excellent PR platform owned by Newswire. It offers the best press release services in the PR sector. The company has the most up-to-date media contacts and access to 120,000+ media sites and 850,000 journalists.

The experienced auditorial team allows business owners to reach and connect the most influential audiences across social, web, and global news catalog via a robust online news distribution platform. They also make it possible for business tycoons to track their progress and success.


Safe Cloud PR Distribution

Cloud Press Release Distribution uses cloud technology that allows safe press release distribution on the top tier news network.

Geo-Targeting Support

The platform also offers geo-targeting that enables businesses to reach specific industries and areas and wider their reach. 

Social Media Distribution

The skilled team also can share each story on social media. Moreover, Newswire’s industry-specific Twitter feeds help users to spread their message to the social media following for boosted ranking on search engines.

22. Express Press Release Distribution

Express Press Release Distribution is another famous PR services provider operational since 2004. Can you imagine ill now they have disseminated more than one million press releases via famous PR and Newswire outlets?

EPR Network is one of the strongest and reliable networks in the PR sector. The savvy team distributes up to 10,000 releases to a wide range of platforms such as News companies, Web, Blogosphere, and social media. This helps customers reach their intended targets quickly. Their standard plan starts at $29.


Huge Experience

This best press release distribution service has been serving clients for more than ten years. Express Press Release Distribution also has a strong connection with the 500 famous brands like Marks & Spencer, Tesco UK, Hilton Hotels, Lloyds TSB Group, eBay, and many more.

Social Media and Blogosphere

The company offers release submission on the blogosphere and social media networks.


The company provides free of cost press release distribution to EPR sites and search engines.

23. Presswire

Presswire is the best press release distribution service based in London. Their services include global media contacts database management, media monitoring, press release tracking, and creation of social media intelligence reports.


Targeted Distribution

SaaS platform offers the best press release distribution services that include release distribution and syndication by category and region. Locations comprise the US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. However, the categories include Finance, Sport, Technology, Business, Entertainment, and General.

Can Get Up to 500,000 Visitors Per Month

Strong EPR Network manages and is affiliated with 30+ industry-specific PR blogs, 12 U.S. State-based PR websites, and other premium verticals.

24. Prowly

Prowly is a cloud-based public relations platform for those looking to manage their PR workflow. With Prowly press release creator, businesses can create, tailor them with rich media, and quickly publish the releases. It also consists of approximately 1 Million Global Media Contacts that are updated daily.

Prowly’s media discovery module also has an advanced search function that lets users find relevant and tailored journalists by industry, topic, position, location.


Flexible Newsrooms 

An interactive online newsroom allows companies to search for any content. Moreover, with the drag and drop interface, they can create and send stories and releases in real-time quickly.

Analytics Available

Prowly analytics allows companies to see which content is most famous and other data.


With Prowly's CRM feature, users can group contacts and segmented them based on their interests. It allows them to determine high priority contacts and add tailored notes and tags for every contact.

Personalization and Scheduling

Their best press release distribution services also allow users to schedule campaigns at the right time without much effort.

25. PitchEngine

PitchEngine is a famous publishing platform that helps users find a new way to interact with their target audience customers and grow their business. Many famous brands use this SaaS-based tool to create and share their content with customers, influencers, and journalists and keep them in the loop.

All releases appear automatically in PitchFeed that bloggers and reporters can access via RSS or on the website. It is perfect for agencies that need PR software that is handy and easy to use.


No Limit 

Users can prepare unlimited PR for free. 

Multimedia Inclusion Support

Users can add videos, tags, thumbnails, images, and other multimedia in the PR and share it on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

26. Prezly

Prezly is an excellent CRM and pitching PR software for PR companies and

communication teams to manage their work with ease. It allows users to manage contact database, send media campaigns, and publish news anytime on social media, site or intranet, etc. 

Prezly also has a centralized contact database that offers a full insight of every important detail in a single timeline.


Easy to Use

Prezly software set up is easy. Also, the skilled team guides you throughout the PR process to ensure that you gain maximum perks. 

Release Optimization Globally

Prezly offers global press release distribution for the users that want effective global reach.


PR is the direct way a company can talk to potential customers. Best press release distribution services can help you reach the maximum audience with minimum effort. Few of them also offer SEO benefits along with distribution services. The PR experts know the right places to send your press release, gain traction, and the type of content required for potential customers to notice you.

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