Top 7 Skills Required by Mobile App Developers

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There are about 3.2 billion mobile users on the planet, and this number is increasing day by day.

What are most of them doing on their smartphone? 88% of the time on a mobile is spent using apps and, with such a demand for apps, demand for talented app developers is also increasing. Developing an app demands talented app developers. Yet mobile phones are just one type of device and there are also wearable and IoT (Internet of Things) devices that developers also need to make apps work on.

So, if you aspire to be an app developer in one of the top app development companies it is important that you explore and acquire the required app development skills before applying for an interview.

Here is a list of the most important skills you need to develop to become the perfect candidate for any employer:

1. Thorough knowledge of native languages

If you are a front-end developer, then Javascript is the best language to go for. Popular frameworks such as JavaScript and Kotlin prove useful in creating native mobile apps in no time. While Java is used most often for app development, here are some of the areas you need to be efficient in:

  1. Deep knowledge about the old versions: Despite the latest version, that is Java 15, already there being in the market, Java 8 is still the most widely used variant of Java with a 54.6% user base. Hence with new versions, you also need to have knowledge about the old versions.

  2. Syntax knowledge: Syntax points to the set of rules on how a Java program is written and interpreted. So, developers need to have a thorough understanding of Syntax.

  3. Proficient in Java's latest programming structures: With a proper understanding of the program structures, developers can create apps in much less time and with minimal mistakes.

While Android and iOS are both different platforms, you need to be proficient with both platforms' frameworks. Hence, developers need to understand different languages such as Java for Android and Kotlin for iOS.

2. Quality sense of UI/UX

Today the design and user experience are essential for app development. Apps need to engage their users and also be responsive when in use. Therefore, the demand for intuitive user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) has been on the rise. The thing users pay attention to is app design.

The key to a good mobile design is to maintain a balanced relationship between the UI and UX. Developers need to understand how UI directly affects the UX. This directly impacts how successful your mobile app will be. Apps with poor UI can lead to users uninstalling the app, which later impacts the app's future growth.

So mobile app designers need to be careful when working with cross-development technologies as a design on one platform can be different from another platform. In such cases, using agile designing tools can be useful as they have many multi-layout managers and drag-drop functionalities.

Check out the work of some of the top UI/UX designers in this post on Medium.

3. Cross-platform development skills

Talking about app development, Android and iOS are two popular platforms used by most mobile phone users. While windows also hold a small part, it is becoming more and more extinct. However, as a mobile app developer, you need to be sufficiently skilled to work on cross-platform apps. With such ability, you can become an even more versatile developer, which is what most companies are looking for.

4. Communication skills

To become a successful professional app developer, you need to be able to handle many different situations. The situation may demand you to communicate with a different group of people with different job profiles.

The expectation is not to be a master orator or a writer but to communicate with confidence and the ability to negotiate important points with clients successfully. With good communication skills, you can retain clients and collaborate better with them. In app development, you need to work within a team so good communication skills are essential.

5. Creative skills

App development demands a lot of creativity if you want the app to be successful. There are a million apps already in existence globally so, to stand out, an app needs to be unique. Instead of following someone's footsteps, you need to be creative enough to develop new ideas and experiment with them. At the same time, most ideas might not be successful, but you can eventually achieve success if you're persistent enough.

6. Know-how about cybersecurity

Mobile apps designed for enterprise users need to be properly secured, so consistent app maintenance is essential. If the app is left vulnerable, then confidential company information can find its way into the hands of hackers.

The most popular cybersecurity risk today is malware and phishing attacks. As a developer, you need to be familiar with the latest security risks and update the app with essential features to ensure that the data is secure.

One of the most dangerous and damaging security risks found on iPhones and Android phones is spyware. Spyware can track passwords, web browsing history, credit card numbers, email addresses, bank records, and other private information. Learning how to uncover hidden spy apps will be helpful for mobile app developers, as it’s hard to detect, even on the back-end.

7. Efficient time management

Many companies are dependent on the app they develop. Therefore, many departments are working on different features, among which many can also be experimental. This is the reason why every developer needs to be efficient with their time.

With many different departments working together, it is essential that deadlines are being met and tasks assigned are completed on time so developers can move to another task.

Time management becomes key when you are about to release a new feature or another app. Being first to reach the market is crucial as today the competition is very tough: even a day's delay and the competition can crush you.


While the number of app users is constantly increasing, so is the technology. Therefore, the skills required to become a mobile app developer will keep on increasing. It is better to prepare yourself in advance with all the technical aspects. Even though many skilled developers exist in the market, the demand for creative and talented developers is always there. So, stay up to date with the trends and keep learning new skills as much as you can.

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