How Learning to Make Videos Will Add
an Additional Skill-Set That Employers Love

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Media is everything nowadays and we simply cannot escape it. From the moment we open our eyes and scroll through social media, we are bombarded with pictures and videos from marketing campaigns to personal posts. Video editing is quickly becoming a skill that can get you further in life than you could without it.

Very much like how knowing how to use Microsoft Word was essential to getting a leg up in the corporate world, video editing is a bonus skill that will take any employee and make him or her more valuable to the company.

Unfortunately, producing videos, especially editing them, can prove to be challenging to those who aren’t exposed to video editing. Companies know that, and where there is a demand, there’s always a supply to meet it. Online video editors such as Video Candy take something that has a steep learning curve and transform it into something that is intuitive, fun, and easy. You don’t even need to have any previous editing experience or knowledge on how to edit a video.

A representative explained, “We set up Video Candy in 2021, following the surge of demand for video editing expertise. What we offer is a simplified tool that anyone can use for basic video editing and that includes employees.

Why video is rising in importance in various industries

Video isn’t just prevalent in the marketing industry: when we look at what drives the average YouTube user, it isn’t to look at advertorials but to learn about a skill, product, or industry. In short, videos are a great educational tool and industries across the board are adopting them not just for public use, but for internal communication and affairs as well.

What do you think is more attractive? A booklet or guidebook on a company’s culture or work ethos, or a short video? If given the opportunity to choose, many people would go for videos because they are easily consumable. There are even pet care videos released by vets in order to better educate pet owners on pet ownership, and needless to say, it’s much more effective than any on-ground campaign, because the reach is global and it takes two minutes to glean all the necessary information, plus videos make it easier to relate with, and knowledge retention is higher that way.

Since videos are on the up, it’s only a matter of time until there’s an easier way to make videos rather than spending copious amounts of time learning heavy software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, etc.

“Video Candy is an absolute lifesaver. Our company doesn’t have a tech department, since it’s a rather small business and none of us could make heads and tails of video editing, even after watching tons of tutorials. it operates on a drag and drop method, plus you can do everything right there in the browser. No need for any installation or payments,” says one of the staff at a convenience store. “We make short videos for our social media, and a lot of the modern apps have editing capabilities, but it’s so complicated. Video Candy makes video editing less of a nightmare.”

Knowing how to edit videos prove that an employee is capable and hardworking

It’s easy for anyone to write on their resume that they pay great attention to detail, or that they are determined in everything that they do. But having the skills to make a video shows employers directly that an employee is capable and has the initiative to go above and beyond, especially if it isn’t something that they would come across in their field.

We have to understand that work culture is evolving and getting on with the times and job scopes are no longer as defined as they used to be. In fact, everything is becoming much more flexible. A writer can also be a video editor, an accountant can also be a social media manager. Therefore, an employee with a wide range of skills is much more valuable than someone who is only an expert in one niche. As the saying goes, a jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one, and the current landscape is perpetuating it more than ever.

The gig industry is so competitive nowadays. If you can do one thing well, someone else can do four things well. It isn’t enough to be competent at your work, you have to be outstanding. And Video Candy helped get me noticed. I used the online video editing tool to make my video resume and needless to say, I got the job. It is so straightforward and painless to use, but I’ll be forever grateful that it gave me an edge over the competition,” said an anonymous survey candidate who struggled during the pandemic to find a job to sustain him and his family.

Video editing as a skill gives you an advantage

Most people are impressed if you have the knowledge and skill to make a video and if you can make an engaging video, all the better. But editing videos in itself is already an impressive skill to have, especially in today’s media saturated world as it can help you get ahead of the crowd.

Some people learn video editing as part of their hobby, some because their favorite influencers show them that it’s not as hard as it can be, or maybe they’ve discovered tools such as Video Candy and decided to give it a try because it’s so foolproof, or maybe they are an aspiring content creator themselves. In which case, it can also serve as another bonus in potential employer’s eyes, depending on their industry. But in today’s world, it’s no secret that being a content creator can help you go places that you never thought possible.

Being a successful content creator shows employers that you are self-sufficient and innovative, plus you have the drive and ability to achieve greatness. But if you’re happy just the way you are and you’re just looking for something to add to your resume, maybe give video editing a go and discover for yourself just how easy it is to learn how to edit videos with the right video editing platform.

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Craig Lebrau is the CMO of Media Insider, a Wyoming-based PR company that aims to disrupt the way companies communicate their brand in the digital era.