10 Things to Add to Your Home
to Make Your Home Smarter

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As a parent, you have a lot on your plate — amid work and getting your kids ready for school or making breakfast, you must remember to switch the lights off, set the thermoset and activate the irrigation system.

What if you could manage your home from anywhere? Making your home smarter with automated and smartphone-enabled technology can make daily responsibilities more convenient. Here are 10 things you can install to make your home smarter.

1. Smart Light Bulbs

Coming home to see that you've left the lights on all day can dampen your mood. It can also add to monthly utility bills. With computer-aided lighting systems and bulbs, you can control your lights from your smartphone. Connect your lights to your Wi-Fi or smart hub, set lighting schedules, control dimming and brightening, and manage your light switches from anywhere.

2. Automated Display

Want the whole cinema experience without making the trip to your local movie theater? Connect your surround sound speakers to your smart lighting system, and create a perfect movie-watching atmosphere.

3. Thermostat Monitor

Making your heating more energy-efficient is convenient with an automated thermostat. On the way home, you can set your thermostat temperatures via an app. Smart heating systems can also monitor movement and heat home areas you use often. You can also use energy more efficiently and program your thermostat to turn off during hours when you’re not home.

4. Wireless Air Conditioning

Keep cool on hot days with wireless air conditioning. Nothing beats stepping into the AC after a hot day out. You can turn your air conditioning on with a smart air conditioner before you get home. Control your temperature levels from your phone and feel the much-needed airflow as soon as you walk in the front door. While wireless cooling can be efficient, you must install a control unit in different rooms.

5. Smart Security Systems

Knowing that your home is secure can offer you peace of mind whether you're away on vacation, at work or at home. You can monitor your premises, identify who's at the door, communicate with visitors and control access to various home areas like your garage with a smart security system.

Wireless security systems like motion sensor cameras and doorbell detectors help you safeguard your home from anywhere. Security cameras can send smartphone alarms notifying you about deliveries or knocking at the door. You can communicate with visitors, unlock your door for family members, and survey your yard from your bed or beach home.

6. Smart Air Monitoring

Outdoor odors can affect indoor air quality and make your living environment unforgettable. Plus, if you have allergies or kids with allergies, you know how important maintaining indoor air is.

With an air purifier monitoring system, you can keep the sniffles, runny eyes and other allergy symptoms away. You can use an app to diagnose indoor air quality and schedule your system to purify the air when it detects contaminants.

7. Automated Audio System

With innovative audio systems, you can connect your smartphone, TV and other devices and never miss another call. Manage music, radio or meditation selections from an app where you are in your home. You can listen to your TV show while preparing dinner or put on your favorite playlist while working out — all from your smartphone.

8. Smart Garden System

Setting your irrigation to optimal times can help you get your desired lawn. It can also help you water your garden more efficiently and reduce water waste. Innovative watering systems can offer features like soil and weather condition analysis, helping you manage your sprinkler system effectively.

Get live irrigation and water usage alerts. Whether you are asleep or out for the day, you can schedule your sprinklers for optimal times.

9. Smoke and Gas Detectors

Gas in the air can be challenging to notice and pose a severe safety hazard. Identifying gas leaks and smoke can help prevent harm. A smart detector can help you identify and monitor smoke and gas-like carbon monoxide levels. You can get live alerts to your smartphone if gas levels increase and mitigate any hazards.

10. Smart Energy System

Utility bills that don't add up can be overwhelming and affect your living experience. Monitoring your energy consumption is one of the best ways to account for your energy usage. It can help you use power more efficiently and save money.

With a smart energy meter, you can check your energy usage on your smartphone. You can also get detailed consumption information, helping you identify what's hiking up your utility bills.

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