How to Make Extra Money on the Side

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Most people would agree that if they were offered the opportunity to make extra money, they'd take it in a heartbeat. More money provides financial security and freedom, which results in a lot more peace than living paycheck to paycheck.

Both people who work or go to school full-time often look for second jobs. And now, in the age of the internet, more job opportunities are available that are way more flexible for even the tightest schedules.

If you're looking to put more cash in your pocket, read about how to make more money without disrupting your current lifestyle. Trying out these different jobs will help you find a fun side gig while you get you the money you need at the same time.

Find Local "Help Wanted" Ads

The first step anyone can take to make extra money on the side is to look for help wanted in your local area. Some people may post their ad in the newspaper while others may post online.

Look around both digitally and in print to find a gig you'd excel at. Housesitting is a common way for people to make money — especially for students who can stay overnight in a place without family members depending on them.

You may also look for pet sitting opportunities. These can range from dog-walking and -feeding to actually staying with a pet in their home while the owner is away. People will pay top dollar to make sure their furry friend is well cared for, so you may be able to charge a little extra per hour for this kind of gig.

People also place ads to find a nanny for their kids. Students with a set class schedule may be able to drop off kids at school in the mornings or pick them up after school and take care of them for the rest of the day.

Looking for local help wanted ads will give you a good head start in the world of side hustles. All you need is the ability and time to drive to the job.

Look for Online Gigs

Maybe you don't have the money or means to drive or ride a bus to a job every day. That's when online gigs will come in handy.

Several occupations have a significantly remote workforce. You can become an editor, writer or social media manager without ever having to go to an office. That's great marketing and communications experience for those looking for that kind of a career.

You may also find work as a transcriptionist, web designer or coder. People are always looking to fill these positions online. Just do your research on a company before you apply so that you know a reliable brand is employing you.

Become a Tutor

Are you confident in a certain subject or two? Maybe you're a full-time teacher who wants to interact more with students.

In this case, you may love tutoring in your free time. You can find tutoring jobs online and teach over the microphone or camera, or tutor in person for local students. Decide which method would be most convenient for you, and then get your name out there to mentor and tutor students.

Have a Yard Sale

When was the last time you cleaned out your home and got rid of the stuff you didn't use anymore?

It may be time to do the same thing again by hosting a yard sale. While the items won't sell for the full price you bought them at, they'll still get you more money than if you just threw them out.

Make an Etsy Shop

Crafters all over the world turn to Etsy to sell what they make, and you can do the same thing. Whether you knit, sew, paint or even print cards, you can sell your crafts on your Etsy shop.

Setting up a shop will only take a few minutes. Then, you're in business. Just keep in mind that this may not be a source of immediate cash since you'll need time to promote yourself through your own marketing before people will find your shop.

Pose as a Portrait Model

People who live around art schools or universities have a unique opportunity to make money on the side. See if your local schools have portrait classes or need people to model for their students.

You can get paid to sit for portraits so that art students have a visual subject to work off of. It's an easy way to make money, especially if your full-time job is labor-intensive and you want your second job to get you off your feet.

Cater for Events

Anyone who loves to cook or bake could have a future side career in catering. People are always hiring caterers for their events, and it's easy to get started in the industry.

After some simple marketing efforts and networking with people you know, you can make money from baking and cooking what you love. You'll also get to set your own hours and even charge an overtime fee if the client wants you to work later than the hours you've predetermined.

Work from Your Car

If you know your city like the back of your hand, you'll love working from your car. You can do this in a few different ways, depending on what you prefer.

First, you could find ads online where people need nannies or babysitters that will transport their kids to and from schools and clubs. They may be willing to pay for both your time and the gas you use while you drive around.

You can also work a delivery app job. Popular food delivery apps are always looking for people to drive between restaurants and delivery destinations, so they set flexible hours.

Ever thought about joining in on the ridesharing trend? Uber and Lyft are just a few of the companies that look to hire rideshare drivers. Work whenever you want and get paid with the occasional tip on top of your fare.

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Try to Be Adventurous

Figuring out how to make more money requires a little creativity if you're looking outside the traditional restaurant jobs. Think about your skills, experience and the time you have to work in addition to your other responsibilities.

Flexible side gig options are out there for everyone. Whether you host a yard sale or pose for art students, you'll eventually find the best way to make the extra money you need. Just be adventurous and give different opportunities a chance.

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