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If you're thinking about relocating to Spain, you must explore the current job market. Spain faced economic challenges in the past 15 years, from the 2007 crisis to the COVID-19 pandemic's impact in 2020, causing significant job disruptions. However, the workforce is rebounding, with around 20.55 million employed and an expected increase to 20.67 million by 2024.

While unemployment is declining, job seekers still need to distinguish themselves. To succeed in Spain's job market, knowing the most sought-after skills is crucial. Prioritize understanding of the current high-demand skills to enhance your interview readiness as Spain's workforce returns to work this year and beyond.

Moving to Spain

Besides conventional work visas, you can now even apply for a Spain freelance visa.

Here's our compilation of highly sought-after skills and job opportunities to live a satisfactory life in Spain.

Top In-demand Skills and Jobs in Spain


Selling may only be a fit for some, but if you possess excellent communication skills, it's in demand across Spain's urban areas. EAE Business School reports sales as the top sought-after skill this year, with a 26.34% demand rating, followed by Engineering (24.19%) and Technology (23.12%).

After two years of sporadic lockdowns and enforced solitude, cities nationwide are witnessing a resurgence in consumer spending. Wherever your sales expertise applies, seize the substantial growth prospects available.

Sales roles can be found in retail, hospitality, tourism, and real estate, offering varying salaries. For instance, as a real estate agent, you can anticipate earning €27,000 to €45,000 annually.


Due to the nation's diverse geography and resources, individuals with technical engineering expertise are currently preferred in Spain across various sectors, notably within environmental domains. Comprehensive training and specialised education are prerequisites, alongside innate problem-solving skills and research capabilities. You can get a job in Architecture, Government, Urban Planning, Legal, and various other sectors. Depending on experience and responsibilities, salaries typically average around €63,600 annually.

Information Technology

Spain has significantly enhanced its digital infrastructure investments in recent years through a continually evolving strategy since 2020. As a result, the need for skilled technology experts is growing every year, with jobs ranging from software engineering to cybersecurity.

If you possess coding, database administration, or network management skills, Spain offers promising job prospects that align with your expertise. The demand for IT specialists remains robust, especially in major urban hubs like Madrid and Barcelona. We recommend mastering the Spanish language to boost your employability among local companies.

Regarding compensation, software developers can earn substantial salaries, with some individuals making up to €75,000 annually. Given the escalating demand for new software development skills spanning diverse sectors, your proficiency can yield a lucrative income.


Spain offers abundant opportunities for marketing professionals, with global companies seeking candidates skilled in digital marketing, brand management, and market research. These roles come with competitive pay, benefits, and room for career growth. Fluency in Spanish (and sometimes in English as well) is often required, as well as a degree in marketing or a related field. For salary reference, marketing directors in Spain can earn €80,000 to €100,000 per year. Their role involves using market research to identify growth opportunities and increase revenue.

Customer Service

In light of Spain's expanding economy, a significant demand exists for skilled individuals in the customer service sector. While proficiency in the Spanish language is advantageous, it isn't always mandatory, as many companies seek bilingual staff skilled in English, German, or other languages. Moreover, prior customer service experience isn't obligatory, as introductory training is typically available.

Opportunities in customer service across Spain span diverse sectors, including tourism, telecommunications, and finance. These roles necessitate candidates with exceptional communication abilities, problem-solving prowess, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

The average earnings for a Customer Service Representative (CSR) amount to €24,000.

Hospitality and Tourism

The hospitality sector has experienced growing demand recently, particularly in Spanish coastal regions such as Costa del Sol. It offers employment to numerous Spaniards, offering annual salaries ranging from €18,000 to €25,000. Furthermore, Spain's diverse international environment has become an attractive destination for expatriates seeking hospitality positions, comprising various establishments like hotels, eateries, and entertainment venues. These roles serve as excellent summer employment options or potentially permanent career opportunities with the right employer.


Spain's leading financial institutions are recovering from the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, creating a strong demand for individuals possessing technical and quantitative finance expertise across diverse sectors.

For your reference, financial advisors typically earn between €30,000 and €60,000 annually, while CFOs can expect salaries ranging from €83,000 to €212,000 per year.


For decades, healthcare professionals have played an invaluable role in Spain. Following its recovery from a devastating wave of early COVID-19 cases, the demand for skilled medical professionals remains strong.

Today, surgeons enjoy some of the highest salaries in various professions due to the extensive training and knowledge required. Their annual gross income averages around €59,000, surpassing many other fields owing to the inherent risks involved. This substantial income is a just reward for the rigorous education and dedication demanded by their profession.

Data processing

Spain proves to be a magnet for international job seekers interested in data handling opportunities. The nation has a flourishing tech sector, and in the era of Big Data and AI, the need for adept data processing professionals is on the upswing.

Spain offers diverse data processing roles to foreign job seekers, spanning from data analysts to data scientists, database administrators, and beyond. For reference, the mean income for a Database Administrator (DBA) in Spain stands at €37,000.

Many Spanish firms actively seek foreign talent versed in data processing and capable of managing sizable datasets.


Professionals with a legal background often have high demand in Spain, likely due to the specialised nature of their profession. The more challenging a legal situation, the more intricate the role of an attorney becomes in their client's life. Even experts focusing on tasks like will reading, property transactions or contract drafting are sought after due to the significance of their work. Lawyers in Spain typically earn an annual salary of €41,000.

Graphic Design

A considerable number of individuals in Spain opt for ongoing remote work arrangements. Consequently, various businesses nationwide, notably in prominent advertising hubs such as Madrid and Barcelona, are readily welcoming skilled graphic designers seeking remote employment opportunities, with an average salary of €25,000.

Here's the scoop! The top skills and job opportunities in Spain. As the world and workforce trends change, specific skills will be highly valued, and securing these roles will be crucial. Set yourself apart – identify high-demand areas and continuously enhance your skillset.

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