15 Life Skills to Master
Before Your 30th Birthday

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The 20s are the vital formative years in the life and career of a person. In their 20s, a person discovers more about themselves than at any other time. In the course of their professional life, a person depends on what they learn in their 20s.

Life skills help a person to organize their life in the long run, and they also provide them with options to survive and flourish in difficult situations.

While many people mostly spend the early part of their 20s enjoying life, picking up some life skills along the way can help them to better enjoy their life later as well. Self-awareness of your own skill set will provide an insight into what to improve and how to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Below are fifteen life skills that a person should try to master before turning 30.

  1. Communication skills are possibly one of the most vital skills that a person needs to learn.

    Maturity and professionalism in communication is a virtue in the world that can never be missed.

    This skill, if developed well, helps a person in every walk of life. In your personal and professional life, at social gatherings and pretty much everywhere you open your mouth, you will need good communication skills to shine.

  2. Time management remains yet another vital skill to achieve success in life. You must learn how to schedule your time and manage it effectively while doing your projects and jobs. If you can manage your time efficiently, your life will become easier. You will find a lot of time at your disposal to do a lot more. Along with time management, productivity tracking is also helpful to get more out of life.

  3. The next skill that can be a lifesaver is learning to cook. Not everyone aspires to be a world-class chef, unless that is a career choice, however knowing how to cook can save you on two different fronts. First, you will save money by not eating out as this is quite expensive if done every day. Second, you benefit your health by eating wholesome home-cooked food.

  4. The ability to accept criticism will help you to achieve greatness in life. This is one life skill that will help you to grow as a person. The best thing about learning how to accept criticism is that you can control your ego.

  5. Being organized is one vital thing in life that every person should learn. An organized environment gives us energy, improves our efficiency, and makes us more productive. There are claims that it also reduces stress. However, your surroundings will not get organized by themselves: you have to learn organizational skills to benefit.

  6. Tech-savvy people are making the cut above others these days. The trend will continue into the future as well, so technology is your best friend. Learning the basics of using gadgets and troubleshooting them can save you a fortune in time and money in the future.

  7. Cleanliness is next to godliness. This is what we are frequently taught in school during our early years. The truth is that it indeed is. In the 20s, you should learn the basics of cleaning and know the use of vacuum cleaners, chemicals, etc., to clean yourself and your surroundings. When you stay clean, you will have positivity around yourself.

  1. We indeed are advancing in technology by leaps and bounds, yet handwriting remains a vital skill to have. The need for writing is endless. You may have to fill out entire forms or exam papers by writing, or you may have to take notes in classes. You will need fair and legible handwriting to accomplish these.

  2. Home repair skills are essential for everyone. You may not need to have a detailed knowledge of large-scale repairs, however, minor ones like fixing a light bulb, a broken tap, and more should not bother you. This will not only help you in times of need but also save you a lot of money.

  3. The Internet has opened the gateway to a lot of information for all of us. There are terabytes of information that we can get by the click of a button. Research is the skill to find the information that is essential for you. Google searching can give you access to a host of information. If you can hone your research skills, you can certainly put yourself in the driver's seat in your career.

  4. Finances can go haywire for a lot of the people in their 20s, especially when they start earning and don't know how to budget. In this regard, you should learn the life skill of budgeting to maintain what you spend and how you save. The last thing that you need is poor budgeting devastating your wealth.

  5. Punctuality is vital for you to grow in life. You must not keep running out of breath to keep yourself on time. Time management goes hand-in-hand with punctuality and is a life skill that can save you from losing many opportunities in life.

  6. The world has become quite aggressive, and self-defense is a vital life skill. The earlier you learn how to protect yourself, the more confident will you feel when you’re alone.

  7. This is the digital age, and you must learn to protect yourself from digital fraud and forgery. Passwords are your keys to the digital world, and you must protect them well. Make different passwords for different logins. And make sure to remember them.

  8. Saving and budgeting may not be enough in the long run. You will need to learn the basics of investing to make sure that you can build your wealth. Investing takes you a level higher than just simply saving money. Money management is a skill that you must learn in your 20s, so you can have a peaceful life in the future.

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These fifteen life skills are vital in more ways than one. You will understand the virtue of these skills once you learn them and put them to proper use.

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