Keep Your Rock Star Employees from Leaving

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All businesses consider themselves lucky and proud when they employ rock star workers that truly excel at what they do.

It's no secret that good employees drive business success and efficiency. That's why every business owner is on constant lookout for ways to recruit the best workforce for their organization, as well as ensuring they have everything they need in order to stay in a company for as long as possible.

But the question of what makes rock star employees stay with an organization remains. You'd be surprised to know that money isn't the top priority for good employees.

Even though money is always a good motivator for retention, it's the work environment, as well as the work conditions, company's culture and their relationship with employees, among other things, that really motivates the best people to stay with an organization.

Here are a few tips on how to keep your rock star employees from leaving.

Improve the Company Culture

A company's culture is the face of an organization. It represents who you are and what you stand for, as well as your company's core values and the way you handle business.

A company's culture is very important to employees, especially to rock star workers that have been drawn to your culture in the first place but who could go anywhere. It's important to remember that you gain the attention of talented employees that find your company's culture interesting and even valuable.

That's why it is essential to maintain the well-designed culture that got you the rock star employee in the first place.

Once you decide to stray from the path you originally built and change the culture you promoted, your best employees, if not all, may decide that it is in their best interest to look for employment elsewhere. Once you have decided on your company's culture and core values, stick to it and allow your employees to know exactly where they stand in your organization.

Offer Flexibility

It's in your best interest to allow your employees to have flexibility if you wish to retain them. Flexibility is what enables employees to get rid of stress and it motivates them to feel more relaxed at work.

For starters, allow your workers to design their workspace or offices as they see fit. Your employees will become more motivated and productive when they have workspace that they customized themselves rather than some design you imposed on them, unless you have some amazing design in mind that you know your employees will enjoy.

Furthermore, allow your employees to have flexible work hours so that they can work from home for one or two days in a week when they have a reason to do so. Every employee that knows they can take their kids to school and not be punished for showing up a bit late for work will appreciate the fact and they will value the flexibility offered to them. Flexibility improves employee morale, productivity and motivation ‒ it will also make employees more engaged and loyal, which helps greatly in retaining your workers.

Reward the Good Work

One of the best ways to retain not just rock star employees, but any employee for that matter, is appreciating the good work they do and rewarding their efforts, as well as their accomplishments.

Your employees will feel more valued once you acknowledge and appreciate their hard work and rewarding them just adds a bonus to their gratitude.

There are many ways you can reward your employees. You can offer them employee discounts on your products or services, reward them with corporate gift cards, celebrate the successful completion of a business goal with a party, or reward them with a paid vacation, extra vacation days and so on.

The fact of the matter is that you should always reward your employees for their efforts and for reaching milestones. That way, you will show your employees that their efforts won't go unnoticed and that their hard work will be rewarded at all times.

Encourage Their Ideas

One of the things your employees will appreciate the most is if you value their opinions and ideas.

Your rock star employees will have a moment to shine as you encourage them to share their views on how to solve problems or how to achieve a business goal the best way possible. Your company's policy should not revolve only around the ideas your managers have but, instead, allow your employees to share their ideas as well. After all, you may be surprised at how efficient your employees can be in finding the best solution to problems and not just the fastest one.

Moreover, your employees will feel empowered and motivated to engage in group thinking and teamwork in order to find solutions. It will not only improve collaboration between employees, but it will also boost their loyalty, knowing that you trust them and that you are confident that they will handle important business-related issues on their own.

Also, put your faith in your employees and involve them in decision making as their ideas may prove invaluable in planning future endeavors and dealing with future obstacles. That will show your employees just how much their opinions matter to you and how you value their insight. In return, your employees will reward you with engagement and loyalty.

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Benefits and Growth

When you make sure that your employees’ needs are taken care of, you can expect loyalty and retention. Every employee needs to know where they stand in your organization and that means having adequate employee benefits such as health insurances, retirement plans, some form of job security and so on.

Furthermore, knowing that they have an ability to grow in your organization will make your employees satisfied. Show them that you are there to support their growth by offering to help them hone their skills or learn new ones through additional education, training seminars etc. That way, you will invest in your employees and demonstrate to them that they are a valuable asset to your company.

It's not that hard to keep your rock star employees from leaving your organization. All that you have to do is to show your support and appreciate their hard work. After all, good employees are valuable to business success and you should do your best to make sure that they consider your company a place worth working at.

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