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7 IT Skills You Need to Become Employable

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Information Technology (IT) has pretty much taken over every area of the working world and is now a crucial part of every corporate and industrial setup. Today, it doesn’t matter what job field you intend to work in, there is a good to fair chance that it involves some aspects of IT.

This is why so many would-be employees and job-seekers are being advised to nurture and develop vital IT skills that will make them employable.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to become a “Mark Zuckerberg” just to find decent employment. You do, however, need to have some basic IT skills if you wish to improve your chances of securing your dream job.

IT Skills You Need to Become Employable

Here are 7 fundamental IT skills that you should learn and master if you want to ace job interviews and secure employment:

1. Project Management

This is a crucial IT skill that every job seeker must possess in order to secure employment at a respectable firm or in an advanced industry.

There is a huge demand for employees with good project management skills in various fields. A good project manager should not only show technological acumen, he or she must also be well-rounded in various business methodologies.

Obviously, another quality of a good project manager is the ability to lead a group of professionals. Since the individual will most likely be leading a team of employees, it is important that he or she exhibits utmost professionalism and good decision-making in order to succeed in his or her duty.

Mastering project management won’t only boost your resume, it will put you ahead of other job applicants if you’re qualified for the job.

2. Basic Website Design and Programming

There was a time when this IT skill could only be learnt by very few tech-savvy individuals. This is, however, not the case anymore as basic web design skills can now be easily mastered. With more and more easy-to-use web building platforms being released, it is no longer necessary for you to know how to write code to build a website.

Since this is the case, having knowledge of at least one web building platform will certainly improve your employability. If you, however, know how to build a website with most of the popular website building tools, then you’ll be head and shoulder above every other job applicant.

With most companies and firms carrying out their operations over web platforms, having some expertise in website design gives you an edge during application.

So, if there is one IT skill that is certainly beneficial when trying to secure employment, it is this. Another good thing about this skill is that it can also be used to earn a side-income even after you’ve secured a job. As there is always a demand for the services rendered by a web design expert, you’ll always find freelance work.

3. Data Entry

This is a basic IT skill that is essential for a job applicant that wants employment at a standard corporate organization. It is perhaps the most commonly executed task in a company and is crucial to the operation of a company or organization.

Although the task carried out with the aid of this IT skill is often reserved for a particular member of personnel, it doesn’t hurt for any other employee to have the skill. Employers often favour applicants able to execute basic data entry tasks over others.

So, the next time you want to look down on clerical staff and other data entry job roles, know that harbouring this skill may be crucial in securing your dream job.

4. Microsoft Office

There is probably no corporate setup that exists today that doesn’t make use of this important online office tool.

It is the principal office tool that is used for carrying out a variety of tasks. Whether you simply want to type a letter, a proposal, or a memo, or want to craft a well-detailed report with figures and numerical values, Microsoft Office is the best and most easily accessible tool to use.

It is pretty much a standard requirement that any applicant for a job in the corporate sector possesses Microsoft Office skills. You’ll rule yourself out of the running if you do not show your prospective employer that you’re capable of using this tool.

The list of Microsoft Office tools you should be conversant with includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

5. SEO and Online Marketing

Every company or organization today either sells a product or renders a crucial service in exchange for money. With the growth of digital media and the evolution of the internet, a lot of marketing and advertising now take place through the internet.

Both SEO and digital marketing are very important aspects of IT, and companies often hire competent personnel to specifically handle this role. If you, however, want to prove to your prospective employer that you’ll be a valuable asset, mastering these IT skills is a first start.

Any employer that finds out that you have the expertise to boost the sales and revenue of the company won’t want any other candidate. So, learning the crux of SEO and digital marketing is a plus on your resume.

6. Basic Graphic Design

This is perhaps one of the least important IT skills that are needed by a job applicant. However, it is still a valuable skill to have and can be a deciding factor for some employers.

While most corporations often choose to outsource their graphic design needs, it isn’t unheard of for some to assign the task to an in-house employee. So, having this skill is another plus on your resume.

Some graphic design tools you may want to master include Photoshop, Corel Draw, and Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

7. Computer Operating Skills

It is quite surprising that a number of job applicants don’t really know how to properly operate a computer system. Unfortunately, most of these individuals don’t get hired at job interviews because this shortcoming disqualifies them.

It is not enough for you to just know how to navigate, browse, and type on a computer system, you must also know how to carry out installations, troubleshoot problems, and run security checks.

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