Skills Needed for Installing Central Air Conditioning
on New Builds in Queensland

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If you are working on a DIY new build in Queensland, or anywhere on the Sunshine Coast for that matter, there are some things you really should leave to the pros. Fortunately, you can become a pro if you want to by developing some skills.

However, the installation of electrical wiring, plumbing, and installing central air conditioning with proper ducting are services that are best left to the professionals. Some of these services must be planned at the very start of the construction process, while others, like your air conditioning, can wait until you are ready to put up walls.

However, when it comes to air conditioning, don’t think that you can leave that out for the time being because you just cannot do without these three benefits that only central air conditioning can offer.

Air Conditioning Unit

Why You Need Air Conditioning in the Sunshine Coast and Australia as a Whole

1. Comfortable Living Conditions During Long, Hot Summers

There is nothing quite as hard to deal with as trying to live in a home that is swelteringly hot. One of the things you should do right away when you have your house blueprints drawn up is set up a consultation with one of Sunshine Coast's air conditioning experts. This way, they can begin drawing up their own blueprints so that they know exactly where ducting will go, and each vent will be positioned. They can also advise you on where the best placement for the unit is. You will thank them when the first hot day of summer strikes after you’ve finished your home and settled in.

2. To Avoid Excess Humidity

One of the main reasons you want to avoid excess humidity is because it is so unhealthy. Not only can humidity lead to several known respiratory ailments but the black mould that results from all that humidity can cause major issues with your health as well. Then there are all those electronics you have in the home which can also suffer damage from excess moisture in the air.

3. Reduction of Allergens

Sometimes, in an effort to save money on installation or electricity, homeowners think they will just put window units in the rooms they use most. This can be a grave mistake if you have anyone with environmental allergies. Dust, pollen and other particulates can be the cause of rhinitis and other nasal allergies as well as an episode of asthma. Believe it or not, central air with a good filtration system can help to avoid much of the discomfort of environmental and pet-related allergies.

The Skills You Need to Do Air Conditioning Work in Queensland

Besides the obvious fact that you need the appropriate licenses for Australia to do HVAC work in the country, you also need some specific skills in order to be really good at the job. The most important ones are presented below. However, others might be needed, based on the exact tasks that have to be completed.

Problem-Solving Skills

To be an HVAC technician, you have to quickly identify problems to then fix them. You will be faced with several AC units that do not blow cold air anymore and heaters that stop working after making really strange noises. To solve such problems, you have to be able to identify what exactly is broken. Then, you have to fix it. If you are not good at problem-solving, you will have difficulties in getting the work done right.

Communication Skills

A significant part of your job as an HVAC technician will involve working with your customers. It is vital that you clearly explain everything that must be done, together with why it is required. There may be several situations in which you need to offer step-by-step instructions and you will surely have to answer many customer questions. All this needs to be done whilst remaining courteous and professional.

There is a misconception that people skills are not needed by HVAC technicians. This is incorrect. You will meet customers with poor communication skills, completely unreasonable expectations, and there are always those who think what you do is very simple, which leads to haggling about the price tag. You will need excellent communication skills to deal with these issues and succeed in this profession.

Time Management Skills

It does not matter if you work for an AC company, or you run your very own business. In all cases, there will be a schedule that has to be respected and you will need excellent time management skills. You will have to assist several customers every single day. This means that as you go from one project to another project, this should always be done in an efficient and timely manner.

Sometimes, computers can be used to better schedule everything that has to be done during the day. This brings us to the next very important skill to have as an HVAC technician.

Computer Skills

HVAC technology evolves and becomes more and more digitized. The technicians therefore have to navigate different components that are computerized, including components that need to be repaired, maintained, or installed. Also, using software is mandatory if you want to keep track of employees and clients. You will therefore need excellent digital skills.


One thing that is rarely mentioned is that an HVAC technician faces a physically demanding job. Much of the equipment is bulky and heavy, and you will have to lift large objects or components. A failure to do this will lead to not being able to complete the job. Basically, this means that it is vital that you are trained properly so that you can lift heavy equipment in a safe manner.

Final Thoughts

Queensland and the entire Sunshine Coast is known to have hot, humid summers with the hottest month being January. If you want to avoid a miserably uncomfortable summer, the very best thing you can do for yourself, and your family, is to have central air conditioning installed during the building process. Don’t wait until construction is complete because it probably will cost much more in the long run. Get it installed while construction is underway so that workers have easy access to any ducting they need to install. You will thank yourself for that centrally conditioned air come January!