How to Create a Fun and Comfortable Space
to Work From Home

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Working from home isn’t all comfy slippers and typing from the couch — though it does sometimes involve those things.

Working from home is about creating a space that will make you productive and happy. Working remotely is becoming a popular option for people all over the world, but it has its downsides.

Creating a fun and comfortable space should help work to offset the struggles of remote work and highlight the perks.

You need to focus on a design that will get you through each season and fill your space with practical needs. Make a space that’s yours, work on your routine, and establish communication channels that works for you. Once you’ve created a space that speaks to you, working from home can be an even more fulfilling and comfortable aspect of your work life.

Comfort All Year Round

Just because your home office is likely indoors doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider how it will affect you through the seasons.

In the summer, your office has the potential to get too warm to be comfortable or to get so much light during the day that you can’t see your screen. Be sure your office has temperature control and your preferred lighting. In the summer, invest in a good air conditioner and be sure our office has windows that can open and circulate air.

In the winter, your office has the potential to be cold and dark. Remote workers tend to be secluded, and the added seasonal depression that can pop up in the colder months can make working from home even harder. Make sure you have a good office heat source to get you through the winter months. You can also try insulated curtains, a fuzzy accent rug, or extra lighting, which can make your home office comfortable all year round.

Practical Over Trendy

Looking through Pinterest or design articles on the web will show you an endless list of home office designs for your work-from-home area.

Finding the right design will have a lot to do with personal preference, budget, and square footage. However, be sure that the space you are creating is more practical than it is trendy. Modern designs or fun pieces look amazing, but your home office has to be a space that offers comfort and utility as well. Thankfully, there are plenty of pieces that do both. 

For one, you will put a lot of miles on your chair. Your chair should be comfortable and ergonomic, not just trendy and unique. You’ll also need a good desk, useful office supplies, and some good lighting. You can easily find decor items to create a fun and comfortable space that is also practical; just be sure that you’re prioritizing an item’s usefulness over a trendy design.

Create Your Space

Don’t just create any space to work in, create your space. Create a room that you want to be in in order to ensure your productivity.

It’s hard to want to spend all day working from home in a room you dislike. Fill your space with colors you love and art you find beautiful. If you have a pet, create a space for them in your office to help the room feel comfortable and inviting. If you are a parent, you might consider creating a quiet-time space for your kids in your office. This can help them feel close to you while you work while still setting a boundary that the office means they need to play with quiet toys.

Add a coffee pot or mini fridge, put in a radio, or set up a tea station. Make your office a place for you to feel at your best and ready for the day. Because productivity can be a real problem when working remote, it’s important to create a comfortable and fun space to help encourage you to be in your office and at your best.

Embrace Your Routine

Your routine has as much to do with your space as it does with anything else.

Find a routine that works for you within your remote work life and embrace it. This doesn’t mean you can’t sprinkle in some flexibility — after all, flexibility is one of the many perks of the remote working world. It just means that working with a routine can help you to feel comfortable and happy. Pay attention to how your space relates to your routine. This might mean using a blanket over your legs while you work in the morning, starting a pot of coffee when you first get up, or moving your work to the couch if your back starts to hurt in the afternoon.

Fill your space with things that work with what you need. Maybe you enjoy reading on the floor; include a bean bag or comfy rug to sit on when the mood strikes you. Maybe you start to get distracted around lunch time. If so, create a playlist to keep you focused and keep the door closed to eliminate distractions. Your space should work in tandem with your routine.

Establish Communication

Communication is a major factor in efficiency for remote workers. Not only is it important to stay in communication with your co-workers and supervisor, it’s also vital in your comfort and enjoyment.

Technology is one way to ensure that communication. Be sure your space has solid Wi-Fi or a hard line to your internet connection. Get a computer or laptop that is reliable, and stay connected to the communication tools you use for your work: email, chat programs, video calling software, etc. In a traditional office environment, you can walk into a meeting, go to someone’s office, or catch them in the break room. Because you can’t do that remotely, you’ll need to establish communication channels with technology.

In addition to work communication, you’ll also want to consider how important human interaction can be during a normal day. Working from home can be lonely, so it’s important to communicate for your happiness as well. Use your space for this by having extra seating if someone wants to come in and chat, or set an open-door policy in your home so family members know that if the door is open they are welcome to come in and say hi.

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Your workspace is a vital aspect in a successful remote work experience. Not only does your space need to facilitate productivity, it also needs to be comfortable and fun.

You can master that by creating a room that works for you through each season. Prioritize practicality, design a room that’s yours, and let your space work with your routine. Be sure your space is communication-ready for both colleagues and family. So, set up an air conditioner, find the most practical desk, incorporate your own style, make a focus playlist, and invite your spouse in to say hello.

This way, your remote work space will keep you focused while still being comfortable and fun.

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