Learn These Skills for a Happier,
More Abundant Life

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Want to pick up a new skill that can enhance your lifestyle? The good news is that there are dozens of ways to build a happier, more rewarding life, and there's no need to spend a fortune to do so.

Something as simple as taking a self-defense class at a local community center can be a game-changer for single women and older adults.

On the financial front, working adults who want to reduce their expenses can refinance education debt and end up with lower monthly payments.

Other skills that can help you enjoy a safer, longer, happier life include:

  • Learning how to defend yourself against simple assault
  • Studying a foreign language
  • Making meditation part of your daily routine
  • Getting involved in crafting as a hobby
  • Acquiring public speaking skills

Review the following details of the top ways people turn new skills into better lifestyles.

Defend Yourself from Assault

As the 2020s continue to offer unpleasant financial and economic surprises to hard-working adults all around the world, crime rates are soaring in big cities almost as quickly as grocery and fuel prices rise.

Anyone who wants to increase their chance of surviving an attempted assault can gain by taking a basic self-defense class. The training can help instill a higher level of confidence and offer students realistic ways to avoid being attacked. Not only are self-defense courses an excellent way to maintain physical fitness, but they're also good for those who want to teach the skills to their children, friends, and spouses. Unfortunately, many jurisdictions prohibit law abiding adults from carrying protective devices like pepper spray, guns, and knives. If you are unfortunate enough to reside in such a place, make it a personal priority to sign up for a self-defense class as soon as possible.

Save Money by Refinancing Student Loans

Learning how to save money is easy for those who still owe college loans. They have the advantage of being able to refinance all those obligations into a single, brand-new agreement via refinancing. In addition to having lower monthly payments, which is the primary benefit of the process, borrowers get a much simpler financial arrangement that comes with just one payment date per month, potentially better terms, and more time to pay.

Refinancing education debt is a simple, streamlined way of saving money. Working adults who want to learn how to get their personal finances in shape can apply for a refi online and be done with the entire application process in a matter of minutes. Living an abundant life means having more financial resources at your disposal. When you choose to deal with old student loans via a refinancing agreement, you're taking a positive step toward abundance and financial freedom.

Study a Second Language

For generations, adults have taken advantage of the multiple benefits that result from learning a foreign language. Nowadays, in the digital age, it's easier than ever to use a language learning app or find low-cost online classes. Remember that no matter how enthusiastic you are in the beginning, proceed slowly when learning a second language. The human mind seems to retain information much better when absorbing new facts at a steady, moderate pace.

Why do it? Acquiring the rudiments of a language like Spanish, French, or Japanese can not only make travel more interesting and fun, but it can invigorate the mind by challenging and stimulating it regularly. If you're thinking about changing jobs in the near future, be sure to include foreign language skills on your resume. Employers tend to prefer applicants who have the ability to speak another tongue as it demonstrates their mental curiosity and personal dedication to a worthwhile goal.

Learn to Meditate

Some talents will help you earn more money at a job or give you a chance to survive an attack, but others have the potential to improve your life in countless, barely definable ways. That's what happens to adults who take up meditation. In addition to reducing overall stress, the regular practice of meditating has the ability to expand the mind and open up personal horizons for those who are diligent.

One of the unique aspects of meditation is that it combines several mental, emotional, and physical wellness practices into a single discipline. There are so many skills you develop through meditation that you might be surprised to learn about. Learning is usually a no-cost affair, and with all the online offerings, it's easy to choose from faith-based or secular forms of meditation based on your personal preferences.

Explore Crafting as a Hobby

Crafting refers to dozens of hobbies that focus on making something fun and artistic. Not only is it enjoyable, but the hobby includes lots of different options. Examples include quilting, painting, sculpting, jewelry making, and dozens of others. Plus, those who regularly engage in crafting can develop mental and physical skills that can be otherwise hard to acquire. With a little bit of luck, you might be able to sell some of the items you make. If selling is not an option, consider giving your creations as gifts or using them to decorate your home.

Don't overlook the potential social advantages of doing crafts as a hobby. Large numbers of crafters form clubs and organizations that lead to new friendships and activities.

Develop Public Speaking Skills

Public speaking is one of those talents that everyone wants to have. Not only does it help in both professional and personal realms, but it can instill a deep sense of confidence in those who devote time and effort to picking up the basics. Contrary to what most people think, acquiring the basic tools to give speeches and feel comfortable in front of audiences is relatively easy.

The best way to proceed is to take an in-person class, even though there are several decent online options for those who can't attend live training sessions and courses. Fees are low, and students soon learn that the activity is highly social. Signing up for a class is almost a guarantee you'll make a few new friends. People tend to bond when they decide to overcome their fear of speaking in public. Fortunately, there are numerous organizations that support those who wish to add public speaking to their repertoire.

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