5 Tips for Creating
Engaging Content on Social Media

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With more than half of the world’s population active on social media platforms, it’s only natural businesses will take an interest in this environment.

But it seems that, unless you work with a professional who knows how to spin the wheels of this weird world, it is difficult to find your own footing. Especially without a big budget.

Small and medium-sized businesses often find themselves confused by the multitude of tools and platforms. Moreover, proper social media brand presence requires time and creativity, which can be difficult to find when you’re also running a business (with everything that it entails).

Still, in today’s day and age, businesses can’t afford to ignore their target audience on social. If your brand doesn’t have ears on the most popular platforms, you’re totally missing out on what people are saying about you (the brand) or your field.

Therefore, the best way to move forward would be to hire a professional who can take care of this aspect for you. They will not be new to managing social media assets, and they will already have software that they trust. But it can take time to find the budget and the right person, so we prepared a few useful and actionable tips to keep the audience entertained and engaged using amazing content.

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#1: Diversity is Important

Take a look at your social media posts in the past three months. As you scroll the feed, does anything stand out?

If not, there’s a high chance that all your posts follow the same format and talk about topics in the same area of interest. You may add a promotional post here and there (not too much, to avoid annoying people) but, in general, your feed is quite boring.

We’re not saying this to upset you. When you follow a consistent schedule, it is difficult to come up with new and original ideas, so you end up writing/talking about the same things, only wrapped a bit differently. This is not engaging.

To catch people’s attention, you need diversity. People will respond differently if you mix a few visuals (images, graphs, sketches, cards, and so on) and a few videos with your educational content. Also, add funny posts from time to time and maybe some behind-the-scenes content.

Furthermore, social media is a fantastic place for polls, questions (extremely engaging), and other interactive pieces of content. Not only will people engage with your content, but you’ll learn a lot more about their preferences and opinions.

Here is a great example of how to ask an audience’s opinion in a simple and elegant manner:

Tweet from Athleta

#2: Play with Automation

At least two different types of posts, per social media account, on a weekly basis? Ain’t no one got the time for that!

As we’ve stated, social media is time-consuming and mind-draining. As a result, it starts out as a fun activity only to turn into a daily chore you dread. And users can tell because the content you post is indicative of your state.

So, instead of making it a boring, repetitive task, why not switch things up with a few brainstorming sessions?

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or you have a team to support your efforts, schedule a monthly session for social media content strategy. Set aside a few hours (or a day) on the first day of each month (or whenever is convenient) and brainstorm content ideas for the entire month.

You should also consider these social media scheduling tools in order to automate your posting process. This way, you can pour all your creative energy at once and come up with an entire month’s worth of content in one go.

#3: Be Expressive

Have you noticed how big brands communicate with their audience on social platforms?

The focus is on expressive posts that warm the heart and soothe the soul. Their social media strategy is built on emotions that encourage personal connections with the brand and within the community.

GoPro Instagram message.

However, many small business owners are afraid of looking unprofessional and avoid showing any emotions in their social media posts. As a result, they have a stiff, corporate-like delivery that doesn’t impress anyone.

So, drop the cold approach and humanize your brand by sharing personal stories (relevant to the business), showing off the team, and being proud of your community. Social media is all about connection and you can’t establish that without being genuinely expressive.

#4: Focus on Improvement

Social media is a constantly evolving environment, which is why you have to stay up to date with the trends and adapt on the go. It also helps to have writing skills that persuade and engage and focus on learning how to make your visuals better and more engaging.

Additionally, both your competition and followers can be fantastic sources of inspiration. First of all, competitors can also become partners in various campaigns, which shows the audience your brand knows how to share and connect. Second, hosting user-generated content is a great way to get people engaged with your brand and diversify the type of content you post.

#5: Connect with Influencers & Bloggers

They are not your direct competitors, but parts of your target audience are following them. So why not join hands?

They win increased exposure (if your channels are more popular than theirs) and a business partnership, and you win exposure to a loyal audience who trusts their influencer. Not to mention, the users will get to learn about your brand and decide if they like it or not.

Wrap Up

It’s not easy. Social media is a demanding environment with users who are constantly hungry for fresh, original, and entertaining content. But, with the right tools, partners, and attitude, you can use these platforms to genuinely connect with people.

When this happens, you have the wonderful chance of increasing your base of loyal customers and start the word of mouth going. However, this doesn’t mean you get to slack off! Brands must stay relevant and up to date if they want to keep up with the competition and stay in the loop.

About the Author

Cristina Par is a content specialist with a passion for writing articles that bridge the gap between brands and their audiences. She believes that high-quality content plus the right link building strategies can turn the tables for businesses small and large.