6 Important Questions to Ask
Digital Marketing Interviewees

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The Great Resignation has impacted businesses in nearly every sector, and the digital marketing industry is no exception. According to numerous estimates, the average yearly turnover rate for marketing agencies as of 2022 is roughly around 30%. And if your business faces similar challenges and you find yourself needing to fill that vacancy on your digital marketing team, you are probably already feeling the pressure to find a job candidate with all the skills and professional experience your company needs.

But can you find the perfect fit from a single interview? It’s possible if you brush up on your interviewing skills and ask smart questions.

Whether you’re conducting the interview virtually or in person, you need to prepare thoroughly as an interviewer. You should ask questions that will help you gauge prospective candidates’ interest in the role and company, learn about their work history and career plans, understand their values and work habits, and reveal their strengths, weaknesses, knowledge, and skills. Naturally, you’ll also want to ask questions specific to the digital marketing role you’re looking to fill.

Keep in mind, however, that the applicants will interview you as well. So you need to present your company in the best light. To ensure that the interview goes smoothly, you should consider attending extensive interviewing training to be able to recognize quality candidates who will fit in perfectly within your team.

Continue reading for the most important questions you need to ask digital marketing interviewees in order to find the most suitable candidate for your open position. With a well-rounded list of questions, you’ll get to know each applicant so you can evaluate your options as thoroughly as possible.

What makes you interested in a career as a digital marketer?

This question will open the path for a deeper conversation and enable you to see if the potential employee understands the digital marketing industry. If the interviewee gives you enough knowledgeable information and facts, you may consider this person for the position. You need to hear about their previous experiences and goals concerning this position.

Additionally, you have to ask about the skills they hope to acquire during their marketing career. Ask what about those skills they find exciting or important and how they intend to implement them in this position. Don’t forget to ask about their short and long-term goals and what they want to achieve while working in this position.

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Do you have any experience in digital marketing and if you do what it is?

You can learn more details about the interviewee when you ask the right questions. It is the best opportunity for the interviewee to explain why their specific career experience and personal characteristics make them the best candidate for this particular digital marketing position at this specific company.

You can learn how this person defines success and how much they have accomplished. Pay close attention to the answers they give you. Listen carefully when they discuss the outline of the campaign they’ve worked on, the goals they’ve set, the outcome they achieved, and their role in it. Let them describe the best campaign they have worked on in detail because you can learn if they had enough knowledge and were well-informed of the details about this particular campaign.

Have you used any digital marketing tools before and which ones?

Ask them about the tools they have used when working on their campaign. Let them explain everything they know about Google Analytics or other digital marketing tools in their current role. Your prospective employee should know how to use digital marketing tools on every level, from beginner to advanced to expert.

You don’t want employees who claim to be experts in Google Analytics or other relevant tools if they only know the fundamentals. This way, they will show their honesty and capability when using these essential tools. An experienced and well-prepared digital marketer should know how to use these tools and solve any issues that may appear during their daily work tasks.

What methods for encouraging customer feedback do you use?

Digital marketers and content creators all have ideas about what resonates best with an audience, so receiving direct feedback from customers is the most important. A future employee in your company must understand this, so this is an excellent opportunity to emphasize the importance of user testing and what you expect to see from your digital marketers.

Mention the A/B testing method and ask them to elaborate on how they plan on implementing it. This is a common method for evaluating digital marketing campaigns. For this method, digital marketers present two versions (A and B) of digital content to a target audience and determine which version the audience prefers. This is the answer you want to hear from your potential digital marketer.

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Can you describe a situation when your team disagreed with you and how you handled the situation?

With this question, you will assess how the interviewee handles conflict and demonstrates leadership. Pay attention to the details in their answer. They should outline the situation before explaining how they handled it. Ask them to briefly explain what they learned from dealing with a difficult situation.

With this question, you will see if the interviewee is aware of the importance of teamwork and the ability to solve any team conflicts. It is an essential question, and the potential employee should have several ideas on how to solve any issues that may arise in the workplace. A digital marketer is a crucial position, and a lot of the company’s success depends on it.

So, you want employees who know how to multitask. It means being able to continue the project workflow uninterrupted and, on the other hand, being able to calm down the situation and make sure each *party is satisfied with the outcome.

What are the current challenges this industry faces?

This question is important because the digital marketing industry evolves constantly, and you want to know if the interviewee is on top of current trends. It is critical to understand how a candidate keeps up to date. You should be concerned if a candidate is not familiar with the current trends and all the new things happening in this industry. It can be detrimental to client success if someone does not follow the changes happening in the sector.

Finally, you want to find a person that will allow your company to progress along your desired path. Being honest about the path you see for yourself and your company can help you find the right team member and avoid people that don’t foster the specific progress you want to make within your company.

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Final thoughts

Right now, digital marketers are in high demand. You want the best team by your side, so be detailed and thorough during the interviews. To ensure the interview process goes as smoothly as possible, make sure to attend extensive interviewing training. This can give you more confidence when interviewing potential candidates.

Additionally, preparing a list of questions in advance can help you stay on top of the task and attract the right talent. Ask the tough questions, notice how they answer these questions if they are detailed in their responses, and always ask for examples for any possible scenario they might encounter.

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