How to Actively Develop Your Leadership Skills

Top Leadership Skills You Need

Leadership skills will shape the path your career takes over the years. This is why, aside from a college degree and technical skills, you also need to seek to develop your soft skills such as active listening and effective communication.

There are several other core skills you need to establish yourself as a leader. You need to take the initiative to develop them to command respect in every room you walk into. Leadership skills also empower and motivate those who look up to you.

By constantly challenging yourself to be better, you encourage them to do the same.

Enhanced leadership capabilities make you a suitable candidate for promotions as you scale higher in your career. Through leadership training and showing potential employers you have what it takes to lead a team, you make yourself an indispensable asset to every organization you work in. Moreover, your steady track record will speak for itself every time you’re looking for a new job or eyeing a promotion.

Most of the impressive leaders we see today were not natural, born leaders; they learned and developed the required skills to be who they are. Continue reading to learn how you too can master key leadership skills.

Why Developing Leadership Skills is Important for Leaders in Business Organizations?

An organization is able to thrive when the people who are leading it have the foresight to take it into the future. In the last few years, giving the rising levels of competition, businesses need leaders who can think out-of-the-box.

The challenges presented by the rise of technological advancements and digital platforms are complicated. Using them in the right way to power business growth is essential for success. This is why the higher-ranking executives in organizations need to exercise credible leadership skills.

By developing leadership skills, entrepreneurs, CEO and business leaders can:

  • Promote efficiency within the organization by streamlining internal processes and boosting operational successes.

  • Create channels to exploit growth and business opportunities, taking the business forward.

  • Cut down on wastage and redundancies to create a leaner, fitter and meaner business organization.

  • Attract the best talents who would be willing to work with the best business leaders in great companies.

  • Create a tech-first and data-driven business organization that is adequately prepared to step into the next decade.

3 Major Ways Business Leaders Can Develop their Leadership Skills

1. Develop Discipline

The phrase “discipline equals freedom” sounds like a contradiction because most people think about discipline in the context of punishment to rein in improper behavior. However, as an aspiring leader, developing discipline is how you create power. When you’re disciplined, you gain more flexibility and control over different facets of your life.

All great leaders attest to taking self-discipline seriously because it is what separates them from everyone else. In your pursuit of effective leadership skills, you should nurture productive routines and habits that promote self-discipline.

Think about your future team and how they will judge you based on the level of discipline you display. If, for instance, you’re always missing deadlines, you set a bad precedent for the team because you’re the benchmark for how they should run operations. However, if you’re time conscious, you motivate your team to put their best effort towards time management. Simply put, your team will follow the approach you embody as their leader.

2. Venture Outside Your Comfort Zone

It can be extremely challenging to try new things, so much so that many people choose to do the same things day in and day out. However, when you’re complacent in your professional life, you don’t expose yourself to activities that nurture leadership skills.

You have to walk into the uncertain space outside your comfort zone to encounter opportunities for great innovations and fulfilling accomplishments. Don’t let your job description limit what you can do in the workplace; take up new projects that challenge your capabilities and expand your knowledge base. Seeking out challenges and learning on the job opens doors for leadership and career advancement.

Effective leaders have mastered the art of stretching themselves because they’ve become accustomed to the reward of learning new things and expanding their thinking capacity. If you don’t grow beyond your comfort zone, you won’t be in a position to inspire action in the people around you. But when you grow beyond your current skills, you have an easier time forging strong connections with other professionals in your field. Coach yourself to embrace uncertainty to grow into a well-rounded and engaging leader to your team.

3. Be a Follower

To be a great leader, you first have to learn to be a good follower. Everyone wants to be a leader, but not many are willing to follow. Perhaps it’s because they don’t understand the real meaning of being a follower. Contrary to popular belief, a follower isn’t about being at someone’s beck and call to execute every instruction to the letter.

You have to be an evolved follower who doesn’t offer blind loyalty to just anyone. After all, workplaces today are democratized, and every employee has a right to chart their career path. A good follower chooses who they follow and embrace followership as a learning opportunity.

To get to a point where you can make key decisions without second-guessing yourself, you must first learn from people in leadership positions. Following teaches you that leadership is not all about getting credit for work well done; you’ll also get the blame for anything your team does wrong.

When you understand that good followers matter as much as great leaders, you will enjoy your journey towards leadership rather than rush through it to get to the destination. Proper leadership training needs to be steady and gradual for you to grow into a leader who has the potential to influence an organization’s success.

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Effective leadership skills are the key to career advancement. If you want to actively grow your leadership skills, think about the actions you can take to be self-driven and more influential in your workplace. After all, leadership is all about using your actions to influence positive change in others.

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