10 Interesting Career Options
for Creative People

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Thinking about what to do next now that you’ve completed your 12th grade or graduated, or simply want to explore something creative? Well, before you begin your new journey, remember that there are many career opportunities available for creative people.

However, if you're confused and don't have much of an idea about which career path would suit you best, or which career to discover or pursue, here is a list of some interesting career choices for innovative and creative people.

1. Photography

Within the visual arts, photography has rapidly emerged as a top career choice for creative people. There are ample opportunities to create a career in photography and an individual can choose to work with multinational corporations or be a part-time freelancer instead. You might start in photography as a hobby but, once you really get into it, this field will demand a lot of your time and so you might have to focus your effort and become a full-fledged, full-time photographer.

More specialized careers in photography include fashion photography, wildlife photography, lifestyle photography, photojournalism, and forensic photography etc.

2. Design

This field is broad but can lead to handsome earnings and respected work opportunities for creative people who have a knack for design. Within the design field, you can take specialist courses in fashion, interior design, tattoo artistry, and so much more. As a designer, you can choose to work in either the private or public sector, or to start your own design business. Some specialist areas for people who want to pursue design as a career include fashion design, garment construction, tattoo art, etc. Within the design field, is important to graduate from a good design institute or opt for fashion courses from reputed institutes if you aspire to become a fashion or interior designer.

Architecture is a popular design career choice leading to plenty of job opportunities. This area mainly involves planning and designing various layouts including houses, arenas etc. Skilled architects are employed by many companies with various job responsibilities that include interior design, landscape design, engineering etc.

3. Music

Music has been a prominent form of art and provides remarkable creative career choices for those who have a talent for singing or the extraordinary talent to compose unique tunes. To build a career in this field, you must work at your own convenience and spend time creating one-of-a-kind music. You can either become a musician, composer, singer or music tutor.

4. Journalism

Journalism is a great alternative for imaginative individuals. This field is broad but offers a strong career due to the many opportunities it provides. Journalism can involve working with writers, creators, anchors, social media, print media, radio, television etc. Journalists are needed almost anywhere. To become a journalist, one must be mentally and physically prepared for a robust training program. But first, one needs to have a powerful grasp on the 5 Ws (Who, What, Where, When and Why) and 1 H (How). Once you’re familiar with this practice, you will be one step closer to becoming a great journalist.

5. Web Developers

If you’re tech-savvy, then this field may be suitable for you. An individual who loves designing websites and enjoys building websites might as well pursue a career and become one of the best web developers out there. Their accountability may vary from attending to a client in specifying the kind of content that should be contained on the site to generating code or testing applications. This position doesn't require a technical degree, but you might need an associate degree or a diploma or to complete a course in web design.

6. Makeup Artists

If you're good with your hands and love to play around with makeup tools and brushes, then this career might just be for you. The question is, have you ever thought of becoming a makeup artist? Ten years ago, this very field was not even considered a career option and was seen mostly as a hobby, but nowadays an experienced makeup artist can earn a good salary and be in great demand everywhere across the globe.

7. Art Therapy

Art therapy is slowly increasing in importance and has become an important form of treatment for mental health problems. 

Art therapy involves a mixture of psychology and art and it mainly deals with the cathartic feeling of cultural endeavors to stimulate and emphasize mental healthcare.  If you plan to pursue psychology, this field is the best specialization to choose. Some creative careers option related to art therapy are working as a counsellor, child development expert, art therapist, etc.

8. Filmmaking

Filmmaking is a leading creative career choice if you are serious about graphical narration. This field offers tremendous responsibilities and job possibilities for people with exceptional creative thinking. Furthermore, if you're being taught in the right manner and receive proper guidance, students of filmmaking and theatre can secure jobs in other related areas as well. Creative career choices in filmmaking include working as a producer, director, movie/video editor, casting manager, etc.

9. Writers & Authors

Writers and authors assemble materials for newspapers, magazines, social media and other online publications, movies, TV shows, advertisements, and many more media and publications. This field may also include writing fiction and non-fiction, as well as scriptwriting, article writing, novelist, and so on.

To begin with, writers do thorough research and curate information on their chosen topic. They create their own ideas, do an overview that provides their draft format. Before the piece is published, editors, other writers and authors may go through the first draft and offer suggestions for improvement.

This field offers opportunities and courses in creative writing, articles, biography writing, screenwriters, columnists, bloggers, content writing, etc.

Final Words

We have outlined some of the best career choices if you are someone with a highly creative mind. However, before you proceed, make sure to do your own research or attend a career counselling class for better understanding of the career paths available to you. Only when you have done your research should you move forward with the admission process. We hope that this article has helped you in making what could be a life-changing decision. We wish you the best of luck in your endeavors!

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