5 Important Skills For
Content Marketing Copywriters Today

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Content marketing has plenty of reasons to keep going. Since the niche of content marketing has widened, it also has deepened. Online marketers have found that consumers are not motivated by well-liked, interesting content, but instead by narrow, niche content.

Nowadays, content marketing copywriters should have the expertise and awareness to survive in the daring world of content marketing.

Important Skills For Content Marketing Copywriters

As content marketing goes mainstream, you will find that it is becoming increasingly hard to stand out.

Since everyone appears to be using content marketing to promote business, people have a tendency to believe that it should be quite simple. Yes, it is easy and affordable when compared with native advertising; however, simply because you can run your content marketing strategy practically at no cost if you have got a lot of time to invest in it, it does not mean it comes easily.

1. Polished Writing Skills

Do not allow the simplicity of this skill to mislead you. To be a great writer means expertise in several areas such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

These features are essential but will only get you your foot in the door. Those skills, important as they are, are not as vital as these advanced skills:

  • Simplifying complicated topics
  • Creating content that is easy to read
  • Using the right style
  • Writing excellent transitions
  • Choosing the best vocabulary words within a certain context
  • Crafting conclusions that are compelling
  • Developing an appealing opener

2. Compelling Headlines

With the introduction of modern marketing, headline creation is an essential skill that cannot be overlooked at any cost.

Christine Kelly, marketing manager at Montreal SEO states that a large percentage of viewers read the headline and read through the copy casually. This is a sign that people are more interested in the headline, and any image in the content, rather than the text or the copy itself.

Using power words effectively in the headline, and using numbers in the headline, pulls in more clicks. You will not find any set formulas for writing headlines that result in clicks, however, headlines must be unique, since visitors will not like reading the same headlines repeatedly.

3. Awareness of the User Experience

User experience is usually referred to as “how somebody interacts with, feels about, and uses your site”. It explains the overall interaction between human beings and a website. If the writer concentrates on the user, then most of the SEO problems will start taking care of themselves.

The important skills of the copywriter do not have to include UXD, SEO, and CRO. Basically, the writer must have a laser-like focus on writing the best content for the user. Copywriting is a lot more than placing words onto a display.

Some individuals insist that copywriters must know everything about SEO, UX testing, conversion rate optimization, and web design. While those are excellent skills to have, if we need writers to possess all those skills then we would not find many writers who are qualified.

Rather than raising expectations of technical requirements, it is better that writers understand the user experience. Also, rather than telling writers they should know everything about SEO, it is better that they concentrate on the user. Use the words (keywords) that make sense depending on the user, the focus of the blog, the topic, and all the other useful features of the context.

Should the writer know about anchor text dilution, content silos, keyword density, internal linking structure, semantic relevance, and structured data markup? Perhaps, and it certainly would not hurt. However, are these requirements? No.

How about conversion optimization? Even in this instance, focusing on the user naturally improves the procedure of improving the conversion rate. The same applies for web design elements.

4. Specialization

The way content is placed has changed a lot, and simply hiring a freelance writer might work.

The writer must have an understanding of the niche that he/she will represent through their content. Evidence has emerged that content creation is right for somebody who has in-depth knowledge of that particular niche. Nowadays, most in demand are those writers who have specialization and expertise all at once.

Marketing copywriting is one thing you must focus on improving. Most people think beautiful images are enough to sell a service or product, but the truth is, and always will be, that 'Content is King'. Without compelling copy, there is the danger that even the best service or product will fail to generate profits. Copywriting requires lots of practice to really understand all the important elements; many writers have tried, but not all have succeeded.

5. Social Media

There is no point in creating a piece of copy that cannot be shared.

Knowing this is important to writing content that engages a client's audience and makes them share it with their network. You would like to create a white paper, an article or news piece that makes the reader appear informed and valuable by sharing with their audience.

Using social media generates an engaged community looking to take part in the conversation and concludes with them returning for more, signing up or subscribing for another great piece of writing.


The purpose of this content is not to set the bar high for copywriters, but to assist writers in understanding that content marketing has totally changed. With the change comes a fresh set of skills and understanding, which will help them to improve.

Write conversationally. It does not matter if your target market is farmers or nuclear scientists, everyone likes reading clear and simple writing. Jargon and complex words are unnecessary as people will end up attempting to determine what exactly you are trying to say rather than understanding your message loud and clear.

The most common problem amongst copywriters is that they think sounding professional implies writing formally. However, this is not true.