6 Careers that Require High-Order
Communication Skills

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Communication skills involve sending or delivering a message to a recipient using channels and media that the target audience can easily decode and understand.


A good communicator is someone who finds it easy to understand the intended meaning of any message they receive and can, in return, make themselves easily understood.


To succeed in your chosen field or career, you need to have the skills and knowledge required to carry out tasks easily and efficiently.


An individual with a good grasp of interpersonal relationships and communication skills will flourish in any niche where these skills are necessary.

Numerous career options require high-order communication skills, some of which are outlined below.

Teaching communication skills.

Marketing and Sales

The ability to convince people about the value of your product or service is an essential requirement for achieving success in the marketing and sales industry.

Getting people to believe in what you are offering and part with their money requires you to pass your brand's message across in a way that resonates with the target demographic.

Understanding potential customers’ pain points and communicating how your product or service will make their lives easier is critical for marketing and sales professionals.

You also need to know how to negotiate without compromising value and profit for your customer and business.

After getting a degree in this area, you need to have a few years of experience obtained through internships, workshops, shadowing professionals, using negotiation case study examples, or learning on the job.

You should be proficient in using various forms of media to advertise your product and get people to respond positively to your campaigns.

Human Resources (HR)

The HR department of a company is tasked with recommending or making hiring decisions as part of the recruitment process.

To assess how qualified an applicant is for a specific job requires the ability to clearly communicate the requirements, expectations, and skills needed.

Another significant role of HR is to manage employee relations and to serve as the communication channel between employees and management should an issue or dispute arise.

In addition, HR is responsible for clearly communicating company policies, addressing and helping resolve grievances, maintain employee morale, and train new staff members.


Whether you teach in a school system or train subordinates on how to do specific tasks, you need excellent communication skills to impart knowledge.

Everyone does not learn the same way and different learning styles have been identified; while some people can grasp concepts fairly quickly, others might require more time and effort.

Being a good educator requires you to have the necessary qualifications and possess the ability to teach using a wide range of methods.

Not only must educators communicate with their students, they also will need to interact with parents.

In the case of a child with a behavior issue or learning problem the ability to be tactful and sensitive while talking with a student’s parent is imperative.

Your method of teaching has to be clear and unambiguous to facilitate learning. You would need to assess your students to determine their most effective learning modes and devise communication techniques that will appeal to all of them, regardless of their learning capabilities.


A counsellor helps people to make sense of difficult situations and make decisions that would provide a good outcome in their lives.

Counsellors and therapists analyse their clients' issues based on their studies and years of experience and devise solutions and treatments to provide the best outcome.

Without effective communication skills, it would be challenging to help clients understand their predicament and teach them how to manage their problems.

This field involves compassionate and firm communication which helps to convey your expertise and knowledge without alienating the client.


A lawyer's main job is to protect their clients' interests to the best of their ability and at all times. Being a lawyer involves pleading a case in front of judges and juries, negotiating deals, or drafting contracts and settlements that favour the client. You must know the most effective way to send a message.

The field of law requires years of studying, after which you would obtain a degree and a license to practise law.

You need high-order communication skills to read and understand the numerous books and articles that guide your practice and apply them to your case.

Public Relations

The work of a public relations officer deals primarily with ensuring that their brands are portrayed to the public in the best possible light.

The type of words, expressions, and illustrations you use can make or mar your company's public image.

To work in public relations, you must first obtain a degree and gain the necessary experience. Your work will include constructing and putting out statements about your brand, keeping your image free of controversy, and ensuring your business stays connected to its customers.

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Final Thoughts

If one is able to clearly convey the message they are trying to get across to others in an understandable way, that person is a good communicator.

The reverse is also true. Conversations should be a two-way street. Being a good communicator requires the ability to grasp messages conveyed by others.

Keep in mind that not all communication is verbal. In face-to-face communication, non-verbal cues, such as tone of voice and body language, play a significant role.

For example, if a teacher is speaking with a child’s parents and uses tactful language, but speaks in an annoyed tone of voice, it is likely to cause the parents to become defensive.

This will result in ineffective communications as the parents will be on guard and less likely to clearly understand the message the teacher is trying to get across.

So, in marketing and sales, human resources, education, counselling, law, or public relations, high-order communications skills, both verbal and non-verbal communication is necessary for success.

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