3 Easy Life Changing Tools to Grow Your Mindset, Gain Motivation and Energy, and Be the Master of Your Life

Have you ever thought…

How can I reach my goals faster?
How to get motivated and be the master of my life?
How can I develop a successful mindset?
How can I get the millionaire mindset?

Today I'll reveal three secret ways to get the millionaire mindset, get motivated, and be the master of your life.

There are many people out there who seek to live an energetic life full of passion and power. To transform ourselves we need to change our beliefs and the way we think.

In the end, it all comes down to your mentality. Even if you're more than capable of performing a specific task, if you think you can't, guess what? You can't. Self-belief goes a long way.

Here are some other things you can do to reach your infinite potential as a human being:

1. Stop Dwelling on Negative Thoughts

The first step to get the millionaire mindset.

Our mind is like the earth, you get whatever you plant on it. If you plant a thorn bush that's what will grow. If you plant a mango tree, you'll get a mango tree. The choice is in your hands.

What do you want to "plant" in your mind? Thoughts of passion, positivity and progress? Or negative thoughts that will leave you unhappy?

Our brains can do whatever we believe we can.

If you "plant" wonderful thoughts in your brain, you will also achieve wonderful results.

How can I reach my goals faster? Keep reading.

Why should push away negative thoughts?

Negative thoughts prevent you from moving forward, keeping you stuck in the same place. Wherever your focus goes, your energy follows. These negative thoughts you "plant" in your brain can grow fast, a lot faster than you think.

Negative thoughts lead to a lot of frustration, which is often expressed as anger and nerves.

You obviously don't want to live your whole life with negative emotions, sadness, and anger, so free your soul and get rid of your negative thoughts.

Remember: Thoughts generate emotions, emotions generate actions, actions generate results!

How to free you mind from negative thoughts and emotions

  1. Familiarize yourself with the things that make you special

    The first step is to artificially plant positive thoughts in your mind like:

    • I'm a generous person who helps others.
    • I'm positive and empower myself.
    • I'm awesome.
    • I'm a good friend.
    • I always think only positive thoughts.

    How can I reach my goals faster? Do this exercise:

    Self-improvement exercise 1:

    Write down 10 empowering thoughts about yourself and your life on a small note or flashcard you can carry around.

    When a negative thought creeps inside your mind, read what you wrote down.

    After few times, your mind will think these thoughts automatically.

  2. Focus on opportunities rather than obstacles

    An obstacle or problem can be the worst thing in the entire world but, on the other hand, it can also end up being the best thing that's ever happened to you.

    It all comes down to how YOU choose to deal with any problem or obstacle that comes you way.

    It’s simple, who's the boss you or your problems? You already can handle with any problem that comes your way. Haven't you had issues in the past? Didn't you find a way to move forward? What's makes this particular problem any different from the others.

    Don't let any pressure you're feeling get the best of you when you have a problem.

    Always remember to relax and take a deep breath no matter how bad things get.

    Then, take a seat and write down 10 ways to solve the problem at hand. Firstly, doing this helps you visualize how you're going to deal with the problem.

    Want to achieve goals like a millionaire? DO this exercise:

    Self-improvement exercise 2:

    Choose one problem you're dealing with right now, and write down 10 ways to solve the problem

Secondly, it helps you solve the problem in the simplest and easiest way possible. Those who do not make mistakes do not progress in life.

Look at every problem and obstacle as an opportunity to learn something new, thus making you a more versatile person.

Many people are so afraid of mistakes, they let their fear of failure dictate their destiny. When you're afraid to make mistakes, you end up missing out on opportunities to fail and learn from your mistakes, making you less likely to ever reach your main goals.

We live in a world of actions and consequences.

Everything that happens to you in life is because of something you did or thought before.

Here's a good example: When the tree has fruits, it is impossible to alter them because they are already on the tree. Instead of trying to change the fruits, you need to focus on ensuring the roots have all the nutrients they need. Only by doing that can you influence the fruits that your tree will yield.

If you try to change the fruit that is already on the tree nothing will happen.

How to get motivated and be the master of my life? Move to the next…

2. Use Empowering Affirmations

The second way to get motivated and be the master of your life.

How do you consistently get up in the morning with passion and energy?

How can this change your whole day?

Your morning ritual is a lot more important than you think. It can change your whole life.

Once you come up with a productive morning ritual, you can START living EVERYDAY with CONFIDENCE, PASSION & ENERGY!

Why are affirmations so important?

How do you make them effective?

The answers are here:

As you already know, you must artificially "plant" your thoughts (which are the statements) in your mind and then it will come automatically. You just simply need to read to yourself positive statements that support the person you want to be and the life you want to live. Most of the successful, powerful, and influential people in the world use empowering affirmations.

The more you read your affirmations, the more they will become "deeply" ingrained into your mind. By doing that, you could start to live happy life and feel fulfilled. For now, take these positive affirmations as your mantra.

Write them on a card you can carry around, or put them on sticky notes and stick them to your computer. You can also post it on a wall or board you see every day. Wherever you decide to place your positive affirmations, the important thing is that you must understand and believe in them.

How to write your affirmations

When you write your affirmations you have think about what you want to be and the qualities you want to have.

Take a sheet and a pen, now:

Write quotes that inspire and motivate you, for instance: 

  • Success is something you attract by the person become - Jim Rohn
  • The path to success is to take massive determined action - Tony Robbins

Or you can add statements and affirmations that strengthen you. I mean the results you want from yourself and in your life. For example:

  • I'm a person who willing to help others.
  • I have extraordinary mental strength.
  • I have infinite powers and energies.
  • I can change my feelings instantly.
  • I control my feelings.

And much more.

How can I develop successful mindset? - Don't miss the next one.

3. Why is My Focus Important?

The third way to get the millionaire mindset, get motivated and be the master of your life.

One of my favorite quotes is:

Where the focus goes the energy flows - Tony Robbins

You need to understand that your focus often dominates your life, maybe even without you paying attention.

As we pointed out earlier in the article: Where your focus goes your energy follows. How focused you are on your main goals often determines how your life plays out.

Sad and nervous people usually "focus" on the sad and irritating things in life, so they keep getting bombarded with things that irritate them and make them even sadder. In every situation there is always a positive and negative side. It's always better to be on the positive side.

What you focus on will grow.  If you focus on how much happiness you have in life it will increase, you walk around feeling fulfilled and happy.  Many people think that making lots of money or buying that dream car will make them happy.

This is not true.

Even when you're rich and you have everything, you will still have to deal with a lot of negative things.  It's up to rich people, just like those with less to choose if they want to focus on the positive or negative.

Here's a great analogy I learned from Tony Robbins. Think of your focus like it's a camera. Whatever you focus that camera on is what you'll get when you take a picture.

Here's another analogy. At a rowdy party with lots of young adults, there is typically a lot of noise and tipsy people. A couple of the people at the party might end up getting into a fight, but on the other hand a few others might fall in love or start a new fling. Most people at the party will go back home happy after a fun night of music, dancing, and refreshments.

Each one of these groups of people likely got the exact things they went to the party for. Some guys wanted to prove they were the toughest person at the party, so when that person runs into another with the same negative mindset, a fight breaks out.

The group that ended up starting new relationships likely went to the party with the goal of meeting someone new.

Those who had a great time after drinking, dancing and partying had a good time because that's what most people are focused on when they go to a party.

It is very important to ask yourself as often as you can: Where is the focus of my camera directed?

If you're not happy, you'll need to change the camera's focus to a place that makes you feel good about yourself.

How to change the focus direction quickly? Ask yourself questions. Which questions? I'll explain soon.

If we think about all the tragedies in the world, we will be depressed in a second.

Self-improvement exercise 3:

When you feel bad ask yourself:

  • "What is funny in this situation?"
  • "What I can learn from this experience?"
  • "What makes me feel grateful?"
  • "What is amazing in my life?"

Try it, it will make you feel good.

Our brain is the smartest computer in the world. Any question you ask, it will give you the answer, even if it is not correct. For example, if you ask, "Why is this happening to me?" The answer may be: "Because you are wired." But that's not true.

The brain will give you an answer to every question you ask - but the answers will not always be correct.

That's why I gave you the previous exercise (No. 3).

The more powerful questions you ask, the more your brain will give you access to the infinite abilities within you.

For example:

You can ask: "How can I reach my goals faster?"
or, "How do I set and achieve my goals like a millionaire?"

Do this exercise if you want to reach your goals faster.

Self-improvement exercise 4:

Every morning and every evening ask yourself 5 questions and answer them:

  • "What is exciting me now? How it makes me feel?"
  • "What I can makes me feel exciting?"
  • "What makes me feel grateful?"
  • "Why am I proud of myself today?"
  • "Who I love in my life and who loves me?"

Make it your new habit.

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It is very important that you internalize everything you have read today if you want to change your life and reach the next level. You may be feeling cluttered, but don't give up.

I know you can do it.

Like everything else that is difficult at first, it requires effort on your part, but it pays off afterwards.

Take one tool and start practicing it right now. If you're reading these lines you're probably really committed to improving yourself.

That's a victory in itself! I'm proud of you!

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James is an expert in life transformation, self-development and developing a winner's mindset.