The Successful Barber-Business Owner:
6 Skills to Develop

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Opening a barbershop is an excellent business opportunity. When prepared and done right, you might have an endless line of clients waiting in queue for their next haircut. Unfortunately, though, this might not be the scenario for all barbershops out there. Other than services or business location, there can be other aspects that influence the success or failure of these ventures.

If you have ever wondered how to successfully run a barbershop, this article will tackle the skills that a business owner should seek to develop. Remember that you will be in charge of all aspects of operating the business, from training employees to attracting customers. Try to take advantage of the opportunities for transforming your barbershop according to your goals.

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To aid you on your journey, here are some of the necessary life skills that you should develop to run a barbershop smoothly:

1. Communication Skills

Having a solid understanding of communication is one of the key ingredients to good management. As an owner, you'll be the first to promote the importance of internal and external communication. Start with communicating about policies and product or service updates to your staff, so they'll also relay them to your clients. Ensure you develop open communication within your company.

One effective way to be transparent among each other is by using a tool like a barbershop software. It has an all-in-one platform that enables everyone to organize schedules, check bookings and prices. Not only will all of you inside the shop understand who's handling who, but your customers will also be able to make their bookings conveniently.

You can also establish a meeting schedule so that everyone can talk together about changes, updates, or things that need to deal with in the store. Short huddles in the morning are adequate to keep communication open.

Try to establish your communication style and let your staff feel that they can be honest and open with you regarding concerns and feedback. However, despite the transparency, you should maintain professionalism, emphasizing the importance of respect and understanding within the organization.

2. Customer Service Skills

Excellent service is a good factor for success in any barbershop. It is one reason why customers keep coming back regularly for their haircuts. To provide excellent customer service, you need to create an environment that makes your customers feel welcome. One aspect is to train every member of staff to greet anyone coming into your shop. Other than these courteous hellos, you will need to treat your clients special.

Personalized service also elevates your customer service. For example, taking note of their names and preferred services will attract them to regularly visit your shop because you already know what they want or need. Encourage your barbers to take note of each client’s request. This will make them feel valued and precious when everyone knows about their favorite shaving scent. These tiny details will all add up to create an overall excellent customer service experience for your clients.

3. Interpersonal Skills

As a barbershop owner, you also need to have people and socializing skills, a skill required for any service industry. The ability to communicate and build rapport with others is vital to the industry. It pays to make small talk with your customers and to get to know them more during an appointment. Doing this will build a relationship with them and allow you to better understand their needs. By being a people person, you’ll likely keep repeat customers and grow your customer base too. When you can easily talk to them, they’ll feel at ease and be comfortable in your shop.

Aside from building rapport with your clients, having interpersonal skills also help you access different networks in the barber industry. You can be friends with other barbershop owners, cosmetology professionals, and business suppliers. This way, you can establish professional relationships quickly with the key people in your industry.

4. Mentoring And Training Skills

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Salon owners play a significant mentoring role for their employees. By doing so, you can inspire loyalty and goodwill by enabling employees to grow in terms of their technical skills and themselves. Aside from organizing training sessions, it is best to schedule feedback and evaluation times too. You can do this by setting a schedule. It is the best time for you to evaluate the performance of your employees, suggest advice, and help them grow their careers in your company.

You can use many different training methods to make learning more fun for everyone in your barbershop. You could also hire a third-party trainer to make your training sessions more effective. Moreover, training is essential for your company when you need to hire newbies. With so many things to consider as the owner, you might need a trainer to teach and mentor new staff in your barbershop's methods and processes.

5. Adaptability

This skill is also imperative for you as a business owner because there will be unanticipated changes by clients who might have to cancel bookings and appointments. By being adaptable to change, you can think of alternative ways and solutions to maintain business with your customer. You can hopefully ask them to reschedule and then fill the vacant slot with another client.

There might be changes in the services that a customer needs. So, being adaptable will let you think of ways to solve their issues and soothe their concerns right away. For instance, your client might come for a shave that comes with a unique style, so you should be adaptable enough to think of ways to meet your client's needs.

6. Conflict Management Skills

There will always be conflicts while managing a team of people. As the owner of your barbershop, you should be aware of personal or professional problems within the company. When conflict occurs at work, you automatically are responsible for it. The team is looking for you to fix the issue and make things right, whether between yourself and an employee or between team members.

Make steps to deal with conflict in the workplace as soon as you notice it. Don't sweep recurring issues under the rug as this might affect employees' performance and overall productivity, which will harm your business.

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In summary, owning a barbershop isn't an easy feat. Although you might have succeeded in launching it, it'll take more effort and skills to keep it running smoothly. The life skills mentioned in this article are necessary for managing your barbershop staff and business clients and are valuable to you as an entrepreneur.

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