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If you are studying at college or university, or any other academic institution, you may sometimes need some modern-day tools to help you complete your assignments.

Most of us have been a student at some time or another and so we know that writing an essay or completing an assignment is not always easy: in fact, sometimes it can be incredibly challenging. However, times have changed and in today's digital era there are many useful tools out there that can help you complete assignments and other academic work.

In this three-minute resource, we are going to introduce you to the best online writing tools available on the web, and the assistance they can offer. If you search the web for assignment writing tools you will find dozens of both free and paid for tools out there, but how can you tell whether these sites are reliable and user-friendly? This is where we can help as we have researched the best tools currently available to save you both time and effort!

Best Assignment Writing Tools

Writing skills are an important part of communication.  Good writing skills allow you to communicate your message with clarity and ease to a far larger audience than through face-to-face or telephone conversations. You should start by reading our Writing Skills pages for easy-to-read articles that will help you to improve your writing skills.  Our content covers grammar, spelling, punctuation, different writing styles, referencing and more.

Once you have mastered the basics of writing, here are some of the best free resources available on the web to help you prepare and write your assignments.


Although the quality of the content and the arguments that you make in an essay are both unique and subjective, you should always aim to use the best writing possible and to express your thoughts clearly and objectively. Readable can help here by quickly testing the readability, spelling and grammar of your text and showing you how and where to make improvements.

The Grammar Gorillas

Grammar and spelling mistakes are commonly made by students, and these mistakes can have a negative effect on both the mark achieved and the overall reputation of the student. If you, as a student, do not want yourself to be noticed in class for all the wrong reasons, then you should start using some online tools like Grammar Gorillas.

Grammar Gorillas is a fun, online game that not only helps you learn the proper use of grammar but can also check your written content for errors, suggesting possible changes that could be made. Grammar Gorillas is more like an e-learning gaming application that help you learn more about grammar than actual work!

Quill Pad

It is not always easy to prepare assignments, and what's even more difficult is encouraging students to be enthusiastic about this work. Usually, students feel completing their assignments and writing essays is a tedious job, and so either avoid it or use plagiarism to complete their work. Quill Pad is an online program that helps make assignments exciting and fun for students as it’s filled with online resources and books that provide fun facts about the topic as well as new vocabulary.


Grammarly is probably the most well-known text editing program and it can be used for editing and correction purposes. Some of the major corrections that you can make with Grammarly are contextual spellings, grammatical errors, sentence structures, punctuation, overall document style, clarity, and delivery of your work. You can use Grammarly with MS Word, with Google Docs, or on its parent website as well. This editing program will highlight all spelling and grammar mistakes, and suggest solutions and improvements to your use of language. Grammarly also has a built-in plagiarism program that can help you in detecting duplication.

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is another assignment editing tool that can be used directly via the internet. You don't have to download this tool onto your device to use it, you just need a web connection and a browser. It is known to be one of the reliable and trustworthy apps for checking the comprehensibility of essays, assignments and other textual content. This program can also teach you how to improve your sentences and make their meaning clearer. In addition, it can identify overly complicated sentences and the passive voice in your work.


As its name suggests, FocusWriter has been designed to eliminate distractions so that you can concentrate on the task in hand, be more productive, and get your writing done so that you can complete your assignments on time. The tool allows you to manage your on-screen writing environment, eliminating distractions and making the text appear just as you want. FocusWriter also helps you to track the progress of your writing, provides and optional spell-checker and is available in over 20 languages.

Online Proofreader

As the name of this program suggests, this is a straightforward online proofreader as well as a plagiarism checking tool. This useful too can be used to find errors in your work and then revise or edit it. This proofreader can be used to find and remove spelling mistakes, grammar errors, punctuation mistakes, and plagiarism from your papers. You don't need to download or install this program on your device as you can easily access it online.

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Unfortunately, we rarely see the errors in our own writing. However, these online tools will help you to both identify errors and, over time, improve your writing skills.

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