How AI Has Affected
Communication Between People

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A decade ago, people may have thought that AI would only impact our lives in the distant future. However, this view has now changed significantly. Many different tasks are now possible through automation, and this has impacted a lot of people’s lives, jobs, and various industries.

AI is likely to significantly impact our future and people want to know more details about what this means.

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Is Written Communication Still Relevant?

Written communication is still necessary for many different types of projects and professions but there are some people who have already been affected by the development of AI. Some writers are already no longer needed because AI can provide almost the same quality of work that they can offer.

Written communication has many different forms and can be enhanced through the use of AI. Some examples of this are:

  • Marketing – Businesses need to market their products and services properly so that they are noticed by the general public.

  • Creative Writing – AI can create descriptions and articles but it has not yet ventured that much into creative writing. Humans beings can still conjure up many ideas that cannot be programmed into a machine yet.

  • Advertising – Using written communication to advertise still requires a lot of creativity. This type of natural creativity cannot be provided by AI just yet.

AI in Writing

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AI is already used in a lot of writing tasks. Have you ever wondered why you get immediate responses when you send an inquiry? AI chatbots can generate responses depending on the keywords that you use within your questions.

  • AI in Proofreading and Translation

    Some AI-powered chatbots have the ability to translate languages easily. This can make communication easier for people who speak different languages and aids comprehension of what the other person is saying.

    People are concerned that AI will manage to impact human proofreaders and grammar checkers. Whether this is the case is not clear right now because there are still a lot of changes that are happening. The things that can be proofread and checked now might need to be changed in a few months or so. Human proofreaders and translators will be constantly needed although they may not be as in demand compared to before. AI will continue to become “smarter” and more adept at handling different types of writing tasks.

  • AI in Content Creation

    Influencers continually need to come up with new content to generate traffic to their sites. But what happens when they suffer a creative block and cannot think of any new content? AI content creation allows people to use Artificial Intelligence to generate content that will fit their genre.

    People can use tools like the popular ChatGPT where they can just input text related to the content they want and the chatbot will immediately provide different suggestions for new content.

    Anyone concerned about their style of writing can also use a tool like the active to passive voice converter, which can make the process simpler and faster than doing this task on your own.

  • Potential Drawbacks of AI in Writing

    The most common drawback when writing is that people may struggle with creativity. They may also become complacent with what AI is writing for them and all their content sounds the same. AI is usually limited by the algorithms and the data sets that have been taught to use. If people want to go beyond what is available, AI cannot help them with that.

    Another drawback is the lack of jobs for people who write for a living. Previously, writers have always been in demand because written communication is important. People now have to work with AI so that they can continuously write content but the demand for new, original content has reduced.

    On the other hand, AI will sometimes produce nonsensical results and so human writers are still needed to ensure that the content produced by AI is accurate and makes sense.

How Can AI Enhance Creativity?

Most people do not consider themselves naturally creative. However, the use of AI allows them to come up with new ideas that they can personalize and improve. AI can generate a lot of new topics and ideas in a short amount of time. Writers can then put a unique twist on the idea or topic that AI generated.

Some title generators can be easily accessed online. People can just go to SEMrush or and get the titles that they need for their blogs. Some also use the titles as captions whenever they feel that their creative juices are blocked.

AI Helps in Checking Patterns and Trends in Writing

If there is one thing that AI is good at, it is checking trends in writing. It can help writers figure out if there are anomalies or outliers in the things that they write. These issues will be pointed out by the AI-powered tool and it can help writers determine if they are repeating the same mistakes again. AI can predict if there is something that is out of the ordinary. Humans can look into this and decide if this can help improve their creativity or diminishes it.

Use of AI in the Modern World

AI has been fully integrated into people’s lives now in ways that they do not even realize. Alibaba is one of the prime examples of companies using AI: you can go to their e-commerce website and find all the items that you are interested in.

Do you wonder how it knows what you are interested in? It is because of AI. It takes note of your behavior and the things that you like, then it will suggest similar items that will also catch your eye for a more personalized experience.

Another example is Spotify. Remember when you tried to listen to songs and Spotify adds a random song to your playlist? There is a high chance that you will also enjoy listening to this random song and AI can help you discover new songs that you will like. It is also programmed to play songs that you have listened to in the past. AI is powered to take note of your behavior and adjust what songs it will play next.


AI has changed the way that people undertake written communication and completing written work now takes less time compared to before. Finding new topics isn’t as hard either because AI can help you to generate new ideas.

However, AI is still not fool-proof and still needs some human intervention as not all AI-generated content makes sense. Some AI-content is still not as creative as people want as AI cannot completely replicate what the human mind can do. However, AI is a great addition to the ever-changing growth and technology that the modern world is experiencing. The best thing that people can do is to learn to adapt to these changes.

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