Creative Thinking Skills Self-Assessment

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How Good are Your Creative Thinking Skills?

This quiz assesses how confident you are about being able to think creatively.

To get the most out of this quiz, it is important to respond as accurately as possible based on your actual behaviour now, rather than how you think you would like to behave in an ideal world.

(This question is mandatory)

For each statement, decide how often you do it using the following scale:

I try out new ways of doing things
I take up new activities or hobbies on a regular basis
When I have a problem, I talk to lots of people about it
I like to talk to new people, not just old friends
I enjoy discussions with people with different viewpoints
I enjoy finding out more about things that are new to me
I make an effort to take on new challenges
I am open to new ideas, even those that challenge the way I think
I spend time thinking and reflecting on how I learn
I like thinking about the connections and similarities between things
I like activities that involve patterns, such as crosswords and jigsaw puzzles
I do not like to opt for the first solution that I think of to any problem
I deliberately try to break my routine
I like trying to solve difficult problems, both as puzzles and in life
I make an effort to use techniques that help me think differently
I am prepared to try things even if I think I will find them difficult or I can’t see the point
When I do something wrong, I review it to see what I could have done differently
I try out several ideas before settling on a solution to any problem
I get bored if I do not change things regularly
I try to find ways of doing things even when they sound impossible
(This question is mandatory)

For these questions, tick the answer you feel applies most from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree.

I don’t really like it when I have to change my routine
I tend to use the same routes to and from work each day
When I go to a party, I prefer to talk to people I know
I find myself struggling to solve problems, especially when they are something unfamiliar
I find that others see patterns and similarities much more easily than I do
I have not started a new hobby or interest in the last few months
When I have a problem, I tend to go with the first solution that comes to mind
I prefer not to talk over problems with other people
I am sceptical about the benefits of new thinking techniques
I don’t really like to think about what I’ve learned, or review my mistakes