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Our web content is free to view and to browse. We know that you, our readers, value this resource, and we have no plans to change what we do.

But we also know that there are times when you would like something more.

For example:

  • Sometimes you can’t be online, but you want to read about how you can improve your skills;
  • You want a way of bringing pages together in one place, to make it easier to cross-reference; or
  • You want to make notes about progress towards your skills-related goals.

In response to feedback, we have therefore started to produce eBooks that combine some of our most popular content with new ideas and tips.

From this page, you can navigate to our subject-specific shop pages and browse our selection of information and workbooks, then buy and download to read at your leisure.

What’s New in the Skills You Need Shop?

Learning Skills

The Skills You Need Guide for Students

Learn about the skills you need to succeed at school, college and university. Our new three-part guide covers Study Skills, Writing a Dissertation or Thesis and Research Methods. Essential reading for students and teachers.

Find our more and get your copy of the Skills You Need Guide for Students

Interpersonal Skills

The Skills You Need Guide to Interpersonal Skills

  • New eBooks: An Introduction to Communication Skills and Advanced Communication Skills.
  • A new workbook, Conflict Resolution and Mediation, with exercises to help you develop your skills.
  • Understanding and Developing Emotional Intelligence, which sets out the theory and practice of this most essential area of interpersonal skills.
  • A printable and offline version of the Skills You Need Interpersonal Skills Self-Assessment, one of our most popular tools.

Find out more and buy the Skills You Need Guide to Interpersonal Skills

Leadership Skills

The Skills You Need Concise Guide to Leadership

Our current ‘best sellers’, the three-part Skills You Need Guide to Leadership, taking you from your first steps into leadership, through developing and becoming more confident in your leadership style, to how to get things done.

Personal Skills

The Skills You Need Guide to Life

The Skills You Need Guide to Life, a short and easy-to-read summary of essential skills for a healthy mind and body.

More Books...

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