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What are the Skills You Need?

SkillsYouNeed is split into six distinct sections:

We also have various sub sections including: Study Skills - not just for students, but for anybody who wants to learn how to learn more effectively.

Personal Skills

Personal skills are the skills you need to maintain a healthy body and mind. These skills are essential building blocks for all other skills. Learn some key skills that will help you to feel more energised, feel better about yourself, be more motivated and increase your self confidence.

Our pages on nutrition cover the basics of diet and maintaining a healthy body. Develop your understanding of:

Look after your mind and feel better - discover our pages about personal development including:

Interpersonal & Communication Skills

These are the skills we use when dealing with other people, either as individuals or in groups. We all have interpersonal skills but most people recognise that some people are better than others at utilising them. Learn how you might develop your Interpersonal Skills, essential to all relationships, personal and professional; including:

Presentation Skills

Learn how to plan, organise, write and deliver a presentation. Follow our tips and step-by-step guide to improve your presentation skills and reduce your nerves.

Leadership Skills

Whether we like it or not, at some point in our lives we will almost certainly need some fundamental leadership skills. Learn how to become more charismatic and a successful leader. Browse our Leadership Skills section and learn about:

And lots more...

Writing Skills

The ability to write coherently and correctly is important both in business and in your personal life. We provide a number of articles to help improve your writing, from spelling and grammar to clichés that should be avoided and tips for gender neutral writing. Visit our Writing Skills section for lots more.

Numeracy Skills

The word ‘mathematics’ is scary for a lot of people; many people have a less than perfect understanding of basic numeracy and maths. By developing some basic numeracy skills you can save time and money, analyse and understand data and as a result improve your wellbeing. Read our pages and follow our real-life examples of arithmetic and the basic use of statistics.

Brush up on your arithmetic: